National Speaker talks on democracy

On 3 April, the National Speaker, Jigme Tshultim gave a speech on the workings of a democracy and how laws  have been implemented and enacted so far. The meeting was held at the Dzongkhag Tshogdu hall at Damphu, Tsirang.  It was attended by Dzongkhag sector heads, Gewog Administration Officers (GAO), Gups, Mangmis,  Wangdi and Tsirang NC members along with police officers and Drangpons. “The meeting was very informative, educative,” said the Sergithang GAO, Tashi Dema. The meeting concluded with  a question and answer session.

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  1. I would say wrong guy to talk on democracy…. when he is involved in one of the biggest scams of modern day history of Bhutan..


  3. I feel sorry for the country that we have a biggest crook and bully as the Speaker of the National Assembly. I have no doubt in my mind that he was the mastermind behind the land scam because he wanted to show how powerful he is by distributing the Government land as if it is his own father’s land. 

    Now, to get away from the scam, he has decided not to contest in next election. No matter what , the crook should be put behind bar. But I won’t be surprised if the Court says since he didn’t benefit he is let go. Land is registered in his son’s name, that is enough to convict him.

  4. Look at the way he has raised his own kids ??? Both his sons get in trouble with the law. They fight with the police and create havoc wherever they go. We have him as a National Speaker who can’t take care of his own house. 

  5. If that is the case the public should sue him to the court. The civil society of Bhutan should be strong enough to prevent such crooks take constitutional positions like this.

  6. @ Dema…sounds like you have been a victim of his sons…Personal Grudge huh?

  7. What sort of speech he has delivered??????????????????????

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