NC candidate’s father to file complaint on political interference in Mongar NC race by DPT party workers

Mongar National Council candidate Tshering Wangchen’s father Sangay Wangdi will be officially filing a complaint of political interference by Mongar’s DPT coordinators and party workers in the Mongar NC elections with the Election Commission of Bhutan within the next two days.

Sangay Wangdi who is also a former Royal Advisory Council member said, “I would like the ECB to investigate the role of Dzongkhag level DPT coordinators and party workers in influencing the outcome of the National Council elections in Mongar.”

The main issue that Sangay Wangdi highlighted is that the 35 missing VPIC cards belonged to the people of Khalong Chiwog who had actually nominated his son Tshering Wangchen and all the people involved around the missing VPIC cards were DPT party workers or those related to them.

He said the 35 VPIC cards had been delivered by ECB officials to Narang Gewog only on 20th April and those cards were handed over on 22nd April just before the Election Day of 23rd April.

He said the cards had been given by the tshogpa to DPT party worker Pema Jigme to deliver to the 35 people. Pema Jigme had claimed that the VPIC cards were lost on the day of polling on 23rd April.

“After the police got involved his neighbor Yeshey had confessed to the cards being with him,” said Sangay Wangdi.

Sangay Wangdi pointed out that the Yeshey was the relative of a former DPT MP from Mongar.

He said, “It is extremely surprising and suspicious that the VPIC cards go missing on the poll day and are only recovered in the evening after the polling is over.”

He said that the ECB should do a thorough investigation on the issue and find out how and why the cards really went missing.

Sangay also said that the ECB should also find out if similar instances had taken place in other parts of Mongar where the VPICs of voters were not handed out in time.

“After getting the information on missing VPIC cards I started suspecting that some miscreants are not allowing innocent voters to vote according to their choice thereby disturbing the election results and not allowing for free and fair elections,” said Sangay Wangdi.

Sangay Wangdi alleged that DPT party workers in Mongar Dzongkhag had gone all out to ensure that his son lost. He also pointed out that the winning NC candidate from Mongar Sonam Wangchuk was the nephew of the DPT Dzongkhag Coordinator Dorji Leki. He said this Dzongkhag DPT coordinator was also related to the same incumbent DPT  MP whose relative was found with the VPIC cards.

He, however, clarified that his grouse was with the Dzongkhag level DPT party workers and not the senior DPT leadership in Thimphu.

He said, “I have a lot of respect for DPT’s senior leaders like former Lyonchhen Jigme Y Thinley, Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba and Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk who have served the country for many years but if some of these party workers at the grass root level are not uprooted then even they could be negatively affected.”

He said the ECB should investigate the role of DPT dzongkhag coordinator and party workers of Mongar in the NC elections.

He said  he heard that false rumors linking him and his family to another party had been spread by DPT party workers.

Meanwhile the DPT Secretary General Thinley Jamtsho said that he was not aware of the issue at hand so he would not want to comment.

The winning NC candidate from Mongar Sonam Wangchuk (25) said, “While it is true that the DPT Dzongkhag coordinator is my uncle we are not very close and he has not given me any support. Our only interaction was limited to when I printed some of my visiting cards in his shop to help his Photostat business for which I have already paid all the bills.”

He said that whichever party his uncle belonged to his uncle had a right to vote for whoever he chose. He also said that if he had any political affiliation then the ECB would never have allowed him to contest.

Sonam Wangchuk said that he was just a college graduate and he had only come to know his uncle was a DPT party coordinator recently. He became the youngest NC candidate to be elected to the NC after winning with 4,821 votes defeating the incumbent Naichu who got 4,484 votes and former Vice Principal Tshering Wangchen who got 3,338 votes.

The Chief Election Commissioner Dasho Kunzang Wangdi said, “The complainant has till 8th may to file a NC election petition which has to be filed to a district court. We will then take actions based on the instructions of the court.” He said the complainant would be given an election petition handbook to guide him.

Tenzing Lamsang / Thimphu



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  1. This claim could be true and ECB must do a thorough investigation. A similar story is also emerging in Trongsa about DPT people assisting a NC candidate, who later emerged as the winner. The former NC from Trongsa is believed to have colluded with DPT memebrs to oust the more capable candidate.

  2. Flabbergasted

    ECB must investigate this and if found to be true, these people must be brought to task, and punished severely.

    Preventing other citizens to vote should amount to treason. One’s right to vote is the most fundamental right in a democracy.

  3. This claim could be true and ECB must do a thorough investigation. A similar story is also emerging in Trongsa about DPT people assisting a NC candidate, who later emerged as the winner. The former NC from Trongsa is believed to have colluded with the elected candidate and DPT memebrs to oust the more capable candidate.

  4. I am registered DPT supporter/Party worker, and i got a call from ex-minister, number of times asking me to vote for and assist the winning candidate here. Reason behind is ‘He and his family has helped DPT in Last vote’.

  5. The same is also  true in Pemagatshel. The incumbent candidate Jigme Rinzin is a strong hold of DPT and campaigning were rigorously done in the name of DPT. The other candidate from Nanong who performed equally good in forum was branded as affliated to PDP and could not garner votes. Needs investigation there too.

  6. DPT”s name appears only for wrong reason. I think something is wrong with DPT. Right from the Prado begging at Ministers level to Interference in election at grassroots level, its too much.

    DPT should be called Dangerous Party Taentaen (DPT)

  7. Accept defeat gracefully, Mr. Tshering Wangchen.. Nothing will change as you do not have strong basis for any major turn around in the verdict.

    • I reckon, it’s not about him wining the election , it is more of a like doing free and fare election in this particular case, 

    • We accepted gracefully but how can we improve when all negative things r happening under your nose.

  8. I think ECB needs to get away from this thinking that NC members must be apolitical, something which is not possible in a heavily charged political climate like ours. Even someone like Dasho Sonam Kinga was never apolitical, he was always batting for the PDP during his term as the NC elect from Trashigang. Even in India, the members of the Rajya Sabha which I assume our National Council is similar too, are all affiliated to one party or the other, so I don’t understand why we have to be different.

  9. The claim cud b wrong as wel reading this article as mongar MP is nominee of mongar constituency N the cards wer lost outside the Mongar constituency. Article talks abt mongar MP bt different constituency. M puzzled.

  10. I even heard that there was a DPT party meeting at Trongsa on 20th April, 2013, when the NC polling day was just two days away. This all need to be investigated whether such party meeting are permitted as per the law or not.

  11. Also, it is believed that Dasho Sonam Kuenga actually did all the ground works for Druk Nyamrub Tshokpa’s formation. Furthermore, there is no cooling period for the failed NC contestants to join a political party. Immediately, they are dragged by the parties that are desperate to recruit any available candidates. So, who is apolitical? The political parties have to be selective in giving the candidacy rather than pulling them whosoever they are. Governing a country is not a cup of tea and I only hope that the ECB will strictly look at the party candidates before approving their contest.

    • Exactly, that’s why NC candidates should be allowed to be affiliated to any party of their choice, exactly like how it is India and in many other countries. 

      But the ECB with such a stubborn person as it’s head will never allow such reforms, even when he knows in his heart, that people can no longer be apolitical.

  12. 1. Some people must have.
    Some people have not.
    But they’ll complain and complain and complain and complain and complain.

    Some people will work.
    Some simply will not.
    But they’ll complain and complain and complain and complain and complain.
    Some people will learn.
    Some never do.
    But they’ll complain and complain and complain and complain and complain.
    Yeah, they’ll complain and complain and complain and complain and complain.
    (Bob Robert)

  13. This is another truly political sabotage …
    I would like to tell this father, ur son doesn’t stand a chance to win, so even after this claim, ur son will not win …

    I am not on Sonam Wangchuk as well, but NAichu was a better NC for Mongar and it was people’s mistake for voting him out…

  14. Yes, investigation by ECB is called more for Pema Gatshel than Mongar given that the candidate campaign himself as DPT supporter in his door to door campaign. 

  15. Ah!.. Height Of Deception….ECB must investigate into the matter.

    • I think a father taking up such a case for his son is not meant to be asking that his son should have been elected. It is the case where some one some where has done something wrong under the misguide of some one who happens to be DPT supporters. Kuensel also reported saying that Thsering Wangchen’s loss in this election could be attributed to his father for not having done enough during his tenure as RAC member. I do see some strong DPT connection factor very much in it since the majority of votes given by Chaskhar community is also indicators as the present Gup of Chaskhar being an efficient DPT co-ordinator. Rural voters do not know what qualities should the NC elect possess and if what the debate on TV was to abide by, tshering wangchen displayed better than naichu also. But the voters on postal ballot had to send out their franchise list before they could judge as to who should have been their favourite NC to serve them better because of ECB’s ill timing of the BBS debate show. 

      • Please remember that Sangay Wangdi, the Ex Councillor was a PDP party worker, so just don’t accuse other’s without knowing the full picture.

  16. if some people are mind poisoning the illiterate eligible voters then they deserve a severe punishment. 

  17. Losers will always have complains to make. I wish everybody won every contest so that there won’t be any complains.

  18. Comments from various parts of Bhutan suggest that NC candidates associated DPT supporters won the contest in their respective Dzongkhags. That only indicates how much support people have for the DPT.

    • The people of Trashigang should have given Dasho Sonam Kinga a big “NO” vote, given the Dzogkhags overwhelming support for the DPT. I just find this guy too slick for comfort.

  19. Human beings are never satisfied. One will keep on complaining unti he or she breaths its last!

  20. I know it is sad to know such a dirty politics is happening here and more then this to me the next dangerious will be NC not resigning till the end of their term but are already politically afilitated to a party which is much more danger then the present candidates failing to win joining a party. Let us wait and see if the 4 incubent NC candidates who didn’t resign till the end of their term joins a party. This is dangerious ECB be careful on this we do not want our democracy to ruin. Any NC candidates not resigning till the end and getting all the benefits should not be allowed to joind a party and much have a cooling period. Ok if some one has resigned and joined the party they have done it in pure sense. but those hepocrates who wanted to join politics in a party and remain as inosent till the end must be bared from joining politics

  21. The missing of 35 VPIC cards on the poll day seems to be undesirable and so surprising. The ground works done are not at all clean and fair enough. ECB must consider and investigate this matter seriously. I would absolutely agree the affiliation and involvement of DPT in NC election particularly in Mongar. These DPT supporters really disturbed and changed the minds of the innocent villagers perhaps with the monetary benefits. Moreover, the people of Mongar are so silly for choosing the fresh graduate as their NC candidate. Mongarpas were  regretted in choosing their candidate since 2008 election and knowingly, they again voted for the young and inexperience one. JUST FUNNY!  I just wonder why Mongarpas love to be the victims which the consequences could be directly or indirectly. The elected NC is so young to represent the Upper House and I am pretty sure that he will wind up his 5 years term without any clues or justifications. As NC being an apolitical in nature, we will see the outcomes of the policies and bills reviewed by the elected NC in five years term. Remember ! we will always keep an eye on you. As well, the DPT supporters affiliated to NC election should be taken a serious action abided by ECB act accordingly. These corrupted DPT supporters include Dorji Leki, Mongar DYT chairman Pema Dorji and of course the incumbent MP of Drametse-Ngatshang Ugyen Wangdi. Being a responsible citizen, we are really concerned for this cause.

    • how can u say that  Mongar  newly elected   NC is inexperience????? we il not know until n unless he  represent in the hall ….Please do not blame the citizens of Mongar Dzongkhags. They have chosen their NC as per their rights enshrined in the Constitution….

  22. Why VPIC when the purpose is solved by CID? The ECB is unnecessarily wasting already scarced govt. money. If there was no VPIC the problem would not have arisen since everybody has his CID. We should do away with the VPIC for the NA election. There will be no such issues there. VPIC is just duplication and extra cost for the RGoB..

  23. Sonam Wangchuk got 4,821 votes and T.Wangchen got only 3,338 and there is a difference of 1,483 votes. the lost vpic is 35 only. there is no way of winning the election by T.wangchen. Dasho S.Wangdi should not step further. if the vote difference is below 35 than Dash has some points to argue. but not worth arguing in this matter. better close it.

  24. Logically, VPIC can be replaced by  CID. ECB should have done research before on VPIC with regard to feasibility, efficiency and the cost incurred to it. All the contents are same as CID except the venue of the polling stations. As an easy task the polling stations of the eligible voters can be directed or guided by the gups of the respective gewogs. Nothing complicated! 

  25. Hey Mr. Judge… Its not a matter of winning or loosing BUT the matter of clean and fair elections. How can you say that all 35 missing VPIC could be the supporters of Mr. Tshering Wangchen?. Be realistic Mr. Judge! The missing of 35 VPIC on the poll day sounds quite shocking and unacceptable which should be intervened further. Dasho Naichu and Mr. Tshering Wangchen had accepted their defeat but the dirty ground works done by DPT supporters on behalf of Mr. Sonam Wangchuk is very undesirable which is always obvious them to argue it. These weird action is not a characteristic of a vibrant democracy and would affect the future elections. Serious action need to be taken by ECB for those corrupted DPT supporters. We want CLEAN & FAIR elections for the betterment of our people and the country as a whole. 

  26. Guys lets all cool down for a bit and take note of what Mr Sangay – the father of the person who lost the elections had to say about about the the missing VPIC cards – i.e.

     ‘ the winning NC candidate from Mongar Sonam Wangchuk was the nephew of the DPT Dzongkhag Coordinator Dorji Leki… this Dzongkhag DPT coordinator was also related to the same incumbent DPT  MP whose relative was found with the VPIC cards’.

    Let the EC & police or whoever is investigating examine the allegation Sangay made – which is very powerful & important & if true its an open and shut case. Numbers do not matter – whether 35 cards or 3. Its a question of principle & ethics which is at the heart of democracy & genuine elections.

    As the father stressed, he does not blame the DPT leadership for this but does point the people in the ground. However with the revealation of the former govt taking their Prados, I-pads, phone and giving themselves allowances for servants, security protection, police escort even when they are no longer in service is most telling and disturbing. The extent of their ego and greed is just plain shocking. How can we look up to such ‘leaders’ even if the are efficient at their job & most eloquent etc.. 


  27. Wai Rakaroko,
    Please do not blame the citizens of Mongar Dzongkhags. They have chosen their NC as per their rights enshrined in the Constitution. You are terming the people of Mongar as silly, you ruffian, scoundrel,twisted,perverted,cowardly,jihads and many more. In fact, a guy with a lump of shit in his brain will also feel that others too will have the same thing. He must be very political and he feels others are equally engaged in the politics.

    • The issue here is not only missing of 35 vpics but such incidents must have happened in other polling stations under Mongar Dzongkhag and remained unreported. This warrants further thorough investigations as it is a serious lapses.

    • This kind of problem should not have cropped up if the VPIC system was not inplace in the first place. We the Bhutanese try to act uniquely in every thing in the name of vibrant democracy at the cost of national exchequer. The so called EVM system was also not at all required given the skeleton voters populace which even a billion population country like India has yet to give a try on it. Forget about other advanced countries in the world which still excercize their franchise on sacred ballot box which is still a proven practical tool. This EVM system has put most of our rural populace in a confused state of mind as to which button one should press at that particular moment. In 2008 GE one of the voters being a father of the candidate could not make out which was his son face because of his difficulty to read his photo  so instead he pressed the other button. VPIC or EVMs are not meant for Bhutan for another 100 years.   

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