NCAH confirms rabies in Jamkhar

A cow has died from Rabies in Jamkhar, Trashiyangtse. This was confirmed by the National Center for Animal Health (NCAH) after it studied brain samples of the diseased cow.

The interim and final veterinary report confirmed the disease on 20 August.

The brain sample of the diseased cow tested positive after the rapid test by the Regional Livestock Development Centre in Trashigang but it was sent to Serbithang for further confirmation.

It is also said to have affected some 20 people in Jamkhar village. Anti-rabies vaccine and other necessary treatment as control measures have been taken for this.

The cow died on 12 August after which its brain sample was sent to Serbithang where it underwent Fluorescence Antibody Test (FAT) and Rapid Antigen detection test.

An NCAH lab technician of Serology and Virology, Dawa Tshering said the test was conducted with positive results and a re-test was conducted later for further confirmation.

The sample underwent the rapid test both in Trashigang and the NCAH laboratory in Thimphu.

The lab technician said “it is mandatory to undergo both the tests in the case of rabies as well as bird flu”.

This is because it poses risks to humans through the animal.

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