New born baby killed by father

A 25-year old man has been detained by the Wangduephodrang police after he was accused of throwing his new born baby on the wall which led to death of the baby on the night of 14 March in Sephu under Wangduephodrang dzongkhag.

On the morning of 14 March, the accused had left home to work in one of his neighbor’s house and later he returned home drunk.

An argument had broken out between the accused and his wife. When the father of the wife interfered between them, the suspect picked up argument with him also.

After a while the argument was settled.

Then the suspect had asked where his documents were to his wife and she had replied that it might be under the pillow. When he did not find his documents, he picked up his new born baby who was born the same day and threw him on the wall.

Quickly the wife picked up the baby and tried feeding him but the baby was not feeding. By then the baby was dead.

The next day, the matter was reported to police by some of the villagers.

The suspect was arrested and detained by the police.

The case is yet to be forwarded to Office of Attorney General (OAG).

Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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  1. The father should be given the most dreadful punsihment .

  2. Shameless creature, deserves ruthless punishment. Needs more stringent laws in such cases where people show their hatred through the pretext of drunken behaviour.

  3. It is unfortunate thing, but people have some reasons behind everything. He must be a depressed person, have we done anything to find it out? The issue is very extreme-the wife could be also at fault- she said the documents might be under the pillow!

  4. He should be charged for murder. Should be locked for life time. Bloody animal!

  5. Tshering Norbu

    High time the state gives a second thought about regulating alcohol instead of tobacco. Heart felt condolences for the mother and family. No doubt the savage father will burns from this bitter memory for the rest of his miserable life. 

  6. We can not blame father alone. these days everything is possible.The case is under investigation and the truth will be exposed. The demised child may have been fathered by another guy?

  7. @Laksam
    it is not the matter, that documents are under the pillow, nor that it was not his own child.
    He killed a new born baby. That is matter of fact.
    You seem to be a person, to be apt to become a lawyer, to defend the obvioulsy guilty, or to change wrong into right. at the moment something common in bhutan.
    bhutanese stand 50% under alcohol, on the highway to hell. cheers

  8. Is it news writing or drama writing? Was baby less than one day old?

    As for accused, he is 25 and by 40 he could get out of jail.

  9. Mr bhutjolokia
    What is right to one is always wrong for another, what is triumph to one is another’s disappointment.. You are wiser and older version of me! cheers to u also.

  10. Such behavior seems to be very common with the men of Sephu.

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