New constructions to address city’s drainage woes

The Thimphu Thromde office has come up with new constructions to address roadside drainage problems in some of the areas in the town.

The existing road side drainage which is still under construction is from Kuengacholing gate (Upper Motithang) to Zilukha (Below Sangaygang) as per the Thimphu Thromde. Drainage system works in Taba and Yangchenphug School are still underway with the new improved cement concrete drainage.

The budget used for the new improved cement concrete drainage is Nu 10mn and more than Nu 4mn for the construction of the drainage in Motithang areas.

As of now the ongoing constructions of the drainage has been awarded to the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) where it has taken care of road sides in various locations such as in Zilukha and in Changzamtog sides with maintenance works and by black topping.

When asked about the dented roads of Semtokha highway, Executive engineer under the drainage unit, Sangay Wangdi, said “last year one of the portions of the road near Semtokha dzong was constructed and maintained but due to the heavy vehicles from Punatsangchhu project travelling day and night, it damaged the highway but still then we are looking forward to work on it in the month of June,” he said.

Moreover the Thimphu City Corporation also plans to start maintenance of the small pot holes in the town areas where some of the site engineers has been sent to look over it.

The Executive Engineer said that “We get complaints from the public about the pot holes but the public should understand about the roads being hampered because within Thimphu only we have 211 kilometers of road which starts from north Chantagang to south Nabirong excluding the Asian Development Bank’s project (ADB), which is as well equivalent to the journey from Thimphu to Bumthang road,” he said.

“But still then whatever we have planned has been contended out where we will be reservicing the damaged areas ourselves to maintain the good quality by applying the thickness of pavement. As of now we are still on the verge of the work completion which will end within this month and if there be some balance money left we will again carry out with the same works again,” he said.

The Thimphu Thromde office expects that during this financial year they would complete all the works under the drainage and excess roads.

Sonam Wangmo/ Thimphu


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  1. Instead of starting something additional, why does the Thimphu City Corporation(TCC) not continue to maintain what they have already built. And bring those unethical building contractors/owners and road contractors who mess up what the TCC have built-just visit Chang Jiji, Motithang, Changgedaphu-all over Thimphu and check the roads and the construction sites. If the TCC has so much money how about lending to struggling entrepreneurs like me. Either the Thrompon is snoring all the time or he has very bad advisers. Thrompon-do you ever take a car ride through Thimphu? The gas is free and you don’t have to take it out of your pocket-how about visiting Thimphu for once. Don’t just do it when the camera is trained on you.

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