New design of Lungtenzampa bridge to determine Tashi BOD relocation

The new design of the two decade old Lungtenzampa Bridge will determine the relocation of fuel depot in the capital to locations outside the core town limits, according to Thimphu Thrompon, Kinlay Dorjee.

The Thrompon said, “Thimphu thromde is planning to come up with the new bridge design, which will be done by our engineers. Construction Development Corporation Limited (CDCL), which is one of our stakeholders will guide our design with the help from international experts.”

“The designing of the bridge should be completed within 6 months that is from January to June 2019 because thromde will receive the budget to construct the bridge in July”, The Thrompon said.

He also said, “By designing the bridge we will know where the structure and abutment of the bridge and flyover are going to fall and we will also know how far the structure will cover the BOD spaces.”

As soon as the designing of the bridge is done, the Thromde is expected to write to the land commission.  “Although Thimphu Thromde finalized its plans to relocate the fuel depot it was not able to acquire the land belonging to the Tashi Group despite numerous discussions and consultations between the two. The last option is to acquire the land.”

He said, “Since the land belongs to Tashi group of companies, our first option is to give the relocation to Tashi but if they are not willing to cooperate, then we will plan the acquisition and provide opportunities to others. We are also planning to construct BOD with toilet facilities attached. If there are BODs in Hejo, Olakha and Taba, why would people come to town to fuel their cars.”

“If the construction of bridge and flyover to ease traffic congestion overruns the BOD area, the BOD has to be removed. Tashi is not willing to accept that the traffic congestion in core town area is because of that BOD but thromde wants to show not just to Tashi but also to public that the traffic congestion is caused by the BOD with our new design of the bridge”, the Thrompon said.

“Tashi can challenge our design but we want to prove that traffic is mainly caused by BOD through our design,” said the Thrompon.

The Tashi group declined to comment and directed the reporter to the Thromde.

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  1. National interest must prevail and not of Tashi.s interest.

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