New DHI Chairman appointed

Dasho Sangay Khandu who previously served as the Secretary of National Land Commission is appointed as the Chairman of Druk Holding & Investments Ltd in accordance with the Royal Kasho issued on 5th March 2014.
In the career spanning more than 36 yrs, Dasho Sangay Khandu served both in the Royal Government of Bhutan and Corporate Sector.
He was the CEO of Bhutan Dev e l o p m e n t F i n a n c e Corporation Ltd (1992 – 1997), Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Ltd and Druk Air Corporation Ltd (2000 -2005).
He served in the capacity of Director and Director General in the Ministry of Trade & Industry and was promoted and appointed the Secretary of the National Land Commission in 2007.
Dasho Sangay Khandu has also served as Board of Director and Chairperson of many Corporations. He was conferred red scarf by His Majesty the King in 2009.

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