New farm roads will be constructed says MoAF Minster

The MP of Wamrong, Karma Tenzin, questioned the Minister for Agriculture and Forests on the government plans to construct new farm roads and how many kilometers will be constructed and on the initiatives to maintain the quality of farm roads.

Responding to the questions, the Agriculture and Forests (MoAF) Minister, Yeshey Dorji, informed the house that the government has two plans in place when it comes to the construction of new farm roads in the 11th FYP. The Plan A includes the construction of 898.5 kms farm roads and 1,660 kms of farm roads are to be constructed in the Plan B. The budget for Plan A is already in place.

He said apart from the farm roads, the government has a plan to construct 18 Gewog Center (GC) roads in 11 dzongkhags. There will be 2 GC roads of 25 kms length in Chukha, there will be 1 GC road of 23 kms in Gasa. Haa will have 2 GC roads of 30 kms, Mongar will have 2 GC roads of 31 kms, Samdrup Jongkhar will have 1 GC of 36 kms, Samtse will see 4 GC roads of 102 kms, Sarpang will have 1 GC road of 27 kms, Trashigang is to have 2 GC roads of 12 km, Thimphu will have 1 GC road of 17 kms, and Zhemgang will have 2 GC road of 33 kms.

He said that in Plan A, total of 550 farm roads will be constructed with the total length of 898.5 kms in 20 dzongkhags. There are a total of 608 farm roads planned with total length of 1,660 kms in Plan B.

He said that 1km of farm roads are cleared by public themselves with funds from the Gewog Development Grant.

There are also about 550 farm roads with length about 2,761 kms that need to be maintained and pliable for vehicles in the 20 dzongkhags.

He concluded by saying that the construction of farm roads is one of the main goals of the government.

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