New Route Map for city buses for improved services

The Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) with the Bhutan Post has come-up with eight new route maps for city buses since new and bigger buses would join the current group of buses.

New routes are introduced also because people are unaware of the city bus stops and terminals for many locations.  Bus shelters would also be constructed at bus stands for the convenience of people.

The new routes will be implemented soon.

“There are 29 buses as of now and we are planning to increase the number of service buses for Thimphu city.” said an RSTA official, Karma.

15 city buses will accompany 19 buses of the Bhutan Post and 10 of two private bus service providers.

The RSTA and the bus operators also planned for the pre-paid and post-paid systems for the regular passengers and students who will opt for the city buses on a regular basis.

The cost variation and concession for school students and for regular passengers who will use pre-paid and post-paid vouchers system will be decided by the private bus owner who will operate the city buses.


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