New schemes in the pipeline to alleviate poverty

In the constant pursuit of the government to bring about poverty eradication the PM’s state of the nation report shows that 12 % of the population is still poor.

The PM stated that the country has developed a lot in just a few decades with planned development having started only from 1960s. Many communities were brought onboard and benefitted immensely from the developmental activities.

According to the PM poverty in the midst of growing prosperity is still the greatest challenge and 12% of the population being still poor is an intolerable burden on the human spirit and a small country that promotes GNH.

In a recent survey the government has recorded about 2,347 households as being poor with most of them receiving some form of Kidu for old age, big families, disabled people and school children from His Majesty the King. Further the government also intends to target and support these poor recorded households in improving their livelihood.

The report states that the government has also identified 126 villages as being poor of which 17 villages have received special support in the 10th FYP. The government would also provide special support to the remaining 109 villages in the 11th Plan.

In doing this the PM said that the government needs unreserved support of the Local Governments, Dzongkhags and Civil Society Organizations like the Tarayana Foundation which functions under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen Mother Gyalyum Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck.

The PM quoting His Majesty the King said “Our Nation has seen great socio-economic growth but it is more important that we have growth with equity. We must raise, with all our effort, the less fortunate so that they may, at the earliest, begin to partake in the opportunities brought by modernization and progress.”

The PM said that it is crucial to provide opportunities for the poor to help lift themselves out of poverty and social exclusion and make a place for them to share the country’s development.

In the government’s effort towards lifting poverty, the PM’s sate of the nation report said that the government is bringing about common strategies to reduce poverty by providing equipment to build new farm roads and also maintaining existing farm roads as operational throughout all seasons, providing 24 into 7 safe drinking water along with 100 units of free electricity in a month.

In addition the government would also review the non-formal education (NFE) system to ensure that it contributes to prosperity and as of now the report shows that there are 800 NFC with about 815 NFE instructors.

Coming to the tax exemption the PM’s state of the nation report says that the government is reviewing tax exemption for all rural small businesses. A Nu 500 mn low interest loans for farmers is being considered under BOIC and another Nu 1400 million for starting small enterprises in rural areas.

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