New traffic diversion to ease traffic

A new traffic diversion is in force in the border town of Phuentsholing to ease traffic congestion. Vehicles entering the city now have to exit via the STCBL area by passing YDF.

Phuentsholing SP Wangchukla said there are pros and cons but their observation shows a smooth and systematic flow of traffic within city. “But the road of the new diversion is very poor and we they have asked Thromde to do the maintenance at the earliest,” he said.

Since it just got implemented it is a hectic job for traffic personnel, as they have to work longer hours.

The OC said the diversion is a trial to see how well it works. “I think traffic congestion will go down automatically once the vacation gets over,” he said. “We will implement this during vacations and keep it as it is in normal times.”

A taxi driver, 27, said that with the new diversion he has to increase fares while passenger are not ready to travel at that rate.

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