New water supply and drainage constructions in Thimphu

Thimphu municipality has signed a contract with Krangrig construction to construct drainage systems, roads and wimp pipes in the Changzamtog area.

The contract was signed on 26 November 2012 and the constructions are expected to be completed by 26 May, 2013. The budget allocated for overall constructions is more than Nu 25mn according to the contractor.

As of now the constructions of new walls in Semtokha areas have been completed whereas 90% of the works in Changzamtog areas is still underway and some constructions are currently on hold in the Zilukha area.The contractors are widening the narrow walls for safety reasons.

“The constructions were essentially focused on Changzamtog areas because the public complained about the rough roads, as in summer times the roads become very muddy,” contractor Dawa Tamang said.

“However we are using wimp pipes for the drainage problems as there were lots of problems in telephone lines due to the water supply. The wimp pipes are being laid out very soon. And the roads are being black-topped as there will be a new road very soon in the Changzamtog area.”

The contractor said, “The experience of constructing new drainage and roads in Changzamtog areas is very different as compared to the works I have done in the town areas as I also use the same road every day and I know how hard it was to travel in rough roads.”

Talking to some of the residents in Changzamtog areas, Kinga Lhamo said, “It is so good to see the roads being maintained well by the Thimphu municipality.”

Another resident Pema Dorji said “Now we are relieved about the rough roads because before it was so muddy and we had tough time to pass through the road even with vehicles.”

Sonam Wangmo / Thimphu



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  1. psuedo engineer

    Thimphu Thromde may want to note if this.

    The road along the Thimphu river in front of the Pilot Parking near Lanjo zam was recently covered with a fresh layer of black top. There is also a covered drain along this stretch which serves as a pedestrian sidewalk. However, there is no way for run off from the road to enter the drain as the drain is completely covered on the sides. There is no inlet to the drain for runoff from the road.

    I predict that this monsoon we will once again (as in years past) see flooding on this stretch of road and rapid potholing of the same stretch by the end of the year.

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