New Year is a coming, and everybody has plans

cartoonCountdown has already started with only a couple of days left for the New Year, and people are already geared up for celebrations across the country.

Music, cakes, lots of foods and drinks, new clothes, get-togethers and picnics is what comes to most minds when an occasion such as this one comes around the bend.

Everyone seems to be planning how to make the day special with loved ones, near and dear ones. In some cases, people have already started jotting down resolutions for the year which make up for a long list of Dos or Don’ts in 2013.

The ones on a mission to arrive in style at New Year bashes have already bought their brand of unique dresses a month ago. Their friends and friends-of-friends are not far behind, as they hunt and peck for a decent wear.

Dechen Pelden a graduate from Delhi has plans to celebrate with her college as well as high school friends with bonfire and loud music systems and perhaps a small hearty session of drinks to add to the New Year fever.

For a place like Sarpang, people may have to settle for a solo venue which is the one and only ‘Star Hotel’ to make their new year’s noises.

Kinley Dem, 23 a civil servant from Sarpang said some people have planned to go for picnics. “But I think going for a picnic would be rare with the security problem here,” she said. Personally, she wishes to be with friends and end the evening on a quiet note with just dinner and drinks.

Nonetheless, she believes that joy in the new beginning means joy till the end of the year, so it should be celebrated.

Yeshi Lhamo, a mother of four kids who is presently at the Punakha Wang plans to invite all her relatives to celebrate the day at her place.

This New Year’s, families in Phuentsholing have even planned to travel to Samdrup Jongkhar to be with other family members. And those with a wide web of relatives plan to travel and meet at a common spot to eat, drink, and make merry to part with joyous memories and begin the approaching year happily.

However for those who have rarely been a big fan of all the noise, lights and sounds, they prefer to celebrate the moment in their own quiet and enclosed manner.

Karma Choden, Assistant Manager with Bhutan Post in Thimphu and a mother of one falls into this category. She believes the moment can be cherished and celebrated in our own different ways to make it a memorable one.

She plans to do it quietly with regular friends and with her family. And she is not alone in this boat.

Rather than spend money on parties in crowded places there are those just like her who prefer to invite friends over, pool in their resources as in ‘contributions’ and celebrate the moment in front of a bonfire and enjoy good music and karaoke which lasts till the early morning.

“Our New Year countdown is being done at Buddha point where each of us stand in line at the edge of the road holding hands and scream to welcome New Year and cut the cake,” said Karma Choden.

Karma says she would love to do the same this New Year.

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