Newcomer win’s NC race in Haa

After doing well in public debates, Ugyen Namgay, from Mochu, Sangbaykha gewog won NC election by 1730 votes. He secured EVM by 1300 votes and got 430 postal ballot votes.

He did Masters of Public Policy from ANU, International Diploma from NUEPA, PG Diploma in Public Administration from RIM and BA (Dzongkha Honors) from ILCS, Semtokha.

He worked as a senior Analyst at Office of Performance Management, PS of Education Minister, Senior Planning Officer, MoE, Producer at BBS and Teacher at Chukha HSS.

Ugyen Namgay said that he encountered many problems with laws and policies affecting the communities. He said he would review all the laws in the country and follow up on pending laws and take more initiative on social development issues. “I will review youth policies to encourage them to revert back to villages for gainful employment,” he said.

Further, he pointed out that he intends to bring forward the current concerns of the people with appropriate consultations and commit to make very harmonious and applicable acts, policies, bills and other legislation. “I will put in my best effort to fulfill the needs and aspirations of people while safeguarding the sovereignty of the kingdom,” he said.

He said that he has diverse work experiences and has committed leadership abilities which are evident from past experiences such as being a capital in school, president of ABAC, chairperson of BAAA and Australia Awards ambassador to Bhutan.

“Born and brought up in a remote community, I feel I can represent the voice of ordinary people well. My motto this election is an ordinary representative for ordinary people,” he said.

Meanwhile, other nominees Ngawang Tobgay secured 994 votes, Tobgay 762 and the incumbent Tshering Dorji got 1,573 votes.

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