NFE learners receive certificates and ready for new chapters in life

Zilnon Namgyeling Non-Formal Education (NFE) Center awarded certificates to some 20 women learners after the completion of Course on Basic Literacy as well as Post Literacy Course today in the capital.

Out of 20 participants 16 completed basic courses while four had completed the Post Literacy course. Duration for the Basic Literacy course is of 18 months while Post Literacy course is of 12 months.

Under the Basic course the NFE learners are taught all the basics by instructors with the help of board and charts. But later in the Post course they are able to read the books of their own where the board is not used.

Learners are happy to complete their courses. Some are excited to study in the next level i.e. in Post Literacy Course, while some have completed both the courses and now they can confidently read any Dzongkha written materials as well as write in Dzongkha.

Many shared their experiences and difficulties they faced initially to speak in Dzongkha and even to hold a pen or pencil as it’s the first time for these NFE learners when they start.

One of the learners said, “Our hands were not stable enough to write”.

Tenzin Choying Gyelmo, 35 has completed basic as well as post literacy courses.  She said “Now we are much more aware of Dzongkha terms and can speak fluently in Dzongkha in the public as well as in the class”.

She can now recite any prayers through the prayer books without any difficulties unlike in the past where she knew only the short and common recitations.

A most useful benefit she reaped from the classes is her new found ability to stay updated with happenings in the country going through the newspapers.

Most of the participants shared knowledge is required when traveling, visiting offices, shops, towns and in many more areas of daily life.

Maan Maya 36, who studied till the third grade said “I just know to write my name in English and somehow manage to deposit and withdraw money in the bank”.

She now has to start with the basics but she is excited.

Many of the learners said they were at the receiving end of taunts from friends, neighbors and relatives for taking up learning at this age.

The group members however are of the opinion that when it comes to gaining knowledge it is ‘age no bar’. Moreover they are thankful to the government for providing such opportunities to learn irrespective of age.

A group of women are also keen to learn English and they are ready to learn with full dedication if such courses are also given to them as they recognize it as a world language.

A woman from the group said they look forward since they heard that the education ministry MoE has plans to institute such a course for the NFE students.

Zilnon Namgyeling Primary School’s Principal Kuenzang Thinley said, “For the English course, MoE is underway with the pilot test and by next year they are planning to come up”.

The NFE instructors too found vast improvements in the manner they spoke and behaved since the time of their admission till completion of the course.

This is the third batch of NFE and so far over 200 have passed out.

NFE class was started in 2000.


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