No arrest made despite case being reported to police

Two Indian teachers in Trongsa teamed-up to batter a 19 year old student of Sherubling Higher Secondary School (HSS) whose offence was entering a classroom to study.

In a follow-up move that was very Bollywood-like (Indian film), the school authorities attempted to buy-out the silence of the victim’s mother with a Nu 20,000 offer.

Lemo, the mother of Sangay Tenzin the victim refused.

The case was reported to the police on the evening of 8 December but no actions were taken against the two teachers. It is now almost a week that the incident was reported to police.

The officer in-charge of the Trongsa police station said it is too early for him to comment on why the two teachers were not detained and why the student was also not arrested. But he said by 18 December, the answers to the questions will be clear as the case will be forwarded to the court.

The 19 year old Sherubling HSS student Sangay Tenzin said he is not happy with the investigation.

“The only fault I had was entering the classroom just to study, for which I apologized several times to the teacher who saw me. Despite that I was beaten the next day. One of them caught me by my hands and the other battered me,” said Sangay Tenzin.

The teachers involved were however asked to submit a written statement to the police which the two teachers had done accordingly. The two teachers had also confessed that they battered the student.

On grounds of anonymity one of the police officers said the teachers should have been detained in this case as the teachers had confessed to the crime.


 Chencho Dema

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  1. Hey what`s wrong with the cops in Trongsa? 
    The teachers committed a serious offence against a child under their custody.   Haul their sorry donkeys to the detention centre and charge them.

  2. Laxman Chhetri, Khasadrapchu, Thimphu.

    It is unfortunate that yet again a case of teacher beating student have come to the media. Despite the effort of the MoE training and instilling positive discipline technique to teachers some still resort to corporal punishment. Ban on corporal punishment is in line with child rights and this has to be practiced not only in the school but also at home. It is for all to infer how successful and effective this effort on ban will be when children are still subjected to spanking by many parents at home besides use of abusive language. Teachers have to deal with so many children and after all they are human being as every one else with feelings. It will be too much for parents to expect teachers to behave different from rest of the people. It hurts most when media and the likes corner them and blame the education system where teachers play the central part when children behave beyond control.I personally feel it is time we as responsible Bhutanese dwell on the subject of corporal punishment and ask ourselves “how much is too much” I do not believe in corporal punishment anymore, teachers have accept and move forward with dynamics of change. 

  3. another case of a one sided story……… need to knw that other side of the story also…….

  4. i think that if each of the parents of the students keep on complaining about teachers then a day will rise that students will run the school and i ask where is the use of zero tolerance.

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