No bridge but a library and resource center

Chuzergang gewog in Gelephu which is cut off from the rest of the world during monsoon due to the torrential Mao Khola now has something to rejoice over if not a bridge.

Yesterday, Rural Education and Development (READ) and the Chuzergang community signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a community library and resource center (CLRC) in  the gewog.

According to the Programme Officer of READ, Kezang choden, the local community proposed READ Bhutan for  the center early 2011.

Therefore, the construction works will begin from May 2012 and the tentative month for the inauguration would be August 2012.

“The total project cost was Nu 3.19 mn of which the community is contributing Nu 1.24 mn,” said Kezang choden.

Apart from Chuzergang, Norbuling and Umling gewogs will also be benefitted.

“By signing the MoU, the gewog would be blessed with a rice production unit,” said Chuzergang Gup Sangay Tshering.

He added that the gewog was identified as one of the rice bowls of Bhutan by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Gewog Administrative Officer (GAO) Tshewang Lhamo stated that even agriculture-related books for Non Formal Education (NFE) graduates would be available.

A Chuzergang resident, Genyen said she was excited to hear the establishment of CLRC.  “We can now improve our agricultural products and eradicate poverty.”

“I am glad that our community will also have library like other urban areas, where I can get references to write my assignments,” said a student Thinley Jamtsho.

Phuntsho dorji, a school dropout who heard about the library stated that he would learn to use religious instrument and practice Buddhism.

The Chuzergang library management committee and the community proposed a farm tractor for a sustainability project. The tractor will be operated and managed by the Chuzegang Agriculture Farmers’ Co-operatives (CAFCO).

CLRC aims to enhance the livelihood through empowerment, social and economic development initiatives for the community.

READ Bhutan either through collaboration and partnership with other organizations provides the community with libraries, ICT programs and development, enterprise and business skills development and early childhood development.

This will be READ Bhutan’s fourth   CLRC. The first READ-supported  CLRC was in Ura, Bumthang. It was inaugurated on 21 May, 2010.

READ Bhutan opened office in December 2008, after signing a MoU with the Royal Education Council (REC) in November 2008 as a project partner.

READ’s vision is “to combine education and enterprise, to inspire and empower people and communities to learn, build and prosper.”

Hence their mission is “to empower communities using a model for sustainable educational, economic and community development, that pairs non-profit libraries with for-profit ventures.”

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