No fare revision for public transport: MoIC Minister

The Minister of Information and Communications declared yesterday, during the 13th Meet-the Press, that the public transport operators are not eligible to get an increase in the fare this year.

A month ago, Lyonpo D.N Dhungyel mentioned that the fare revision would come into effect from November 1, this year by around 5% to 6%.

However, Lyonpo said that as per earlier practice, the fare revision is carried out once in a year, in consideration of the fluctuation in fuel price and other input cost, such as cost of the tubes and tyres, and other accessories required for public transport.

Justifying on government’s decision not to revise fares, Lyonpo said the price of diesel decreased almost five times, by Nu.0.50 to Nu.1 each time.

Lyonpo added that both Indian newspapers and Bhutanese media have also reported on further decrease in the fuel price.  Thereby, Lyonpo said the government has to reconsider, revise, and incorporate to calculate, to put into place an accurate fare.

After incorporating all the reduction in fuel price till the last reduction, which was about 20 days before, Lyonpo said, “We found that instead of increasing, if we go minutely for calculation, there should be reduction in the fare, but we had to consider, not only the fuel price but also take into consideration other input cost as well.”

For the fare revision in future, Lyonpo said that by the end of this year, the ministry is going to again review the fare depending on the increase or decrease in fuel price by 5%.

He added that if the increase or decrease is beyond 5%, calculating fuel price as well as input cost, and then the revision would be considered, either upward and downward.

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