Education Minister Jai Bir Rai

No formal exams but assessment will be there for classes PP to IX and XI

Exams for class X and XII

There will be no examinations for classes PP to IX and XI.

For classes PP to VI, the promotion of students will be based on instructions and assessment tasks provided through BBS lessons, radio lessons, Self-Instructional Material (SIM) or other social media platforms (WeChat, WhatsApp, Telegrams, etc)

While for classes VII to XI, promotions will be based on short assignment, objective questions, conventional tests, BBS lessons questions, radio lessons questions assigned through Google Classroom and other social media or SIM questions. However, if schools reopen for them, the examinations will be based on the prioritized curriculum for classes VII, VIII, IX, and XI.

The progress report for students for classes PP to IX and XI shall be issued by schools and there will be no ranking of students since it is imperative for teachers to continue maintaining records of activities and assignments submitted by individual students. The students will be following the lighter adaptive curriculum.

The adapted curriculum will be theme based and delivered covering two to three subjects. For classes PP to III, emphasis is on literacy and numeracy. For classes IV to IX, the adapted curriculum is theme based and subject-wise.

In order to facilitate the smooth promotion and certification for progression of students to higher learning grades, examination and appropriate assessment techniques will be implemented. Class X and XII will have prioritized curriculum. They will be doing the exams practically and they will be assessed like before.

The prioritized curriculum will consist of carefully selected learning experiences of the content area of the grade-specific which each student must know and be able to do by the end of each school year in order to be prepared for the standards for the next level.

The board examinations will begin practical examination from the mid of November and theory examination from the end of November. The question paper pattern and duration of papers will remain same.

Education Minister Jai Bir Rai said students who will be assessed online are worried about the assessment done for the next level. The parents had also shared the similar concerns.

Lyonpo said the schools have been closed down for almost four months and Education in Emergency (EIE) was initiated through BBS, radio, Google Classroom, etc. The education ministry has also come up with Self-Instructional Materials (SIM) for the students without smartphones, radios, television or any other e-Learning gadgets. The ministry has provided SIM to almost 30,000 students in the country.

The education ministry has also done an online survey on almost 14,000 students and parents, the ministry learnt that about 80 percent of the students have responded to the survey said that they are learning and showing interest in e-Learning while parents have also responded with positive feedback.

This is except for a few challenges which are manageable and children have adapted in the three months’ time Lyonpo added. Although the educational institutions are closed down, but the ministry has been trying its best to provide education to all the students through various means and to keep them engaged.

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