No onion in the market since India banned export of onions

According to the Director of Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited Dorji Tashi, FCBL has not imported any onions since the export of onion from Indian has been banned about few weeks ago and the situation remains still same to this day.

He said that with regards to tomato, FCBL is still importing tomato and distributing it in all the dzongkhags in the country.

“I was told by officer in charge in Thimphu that demand for tomato has declined. We have been distributing it as per the market demand,” he said.

A vendor in Babesa Tshering, 35 said that it has been almost three weeks and there is no supply of onion in the market.

“People come by and ask for onion, but they walk away when they don’t find it. People should either substitute onion with other vegetables or live without onion till India resumes export,” he said.

Dawa dema, 28 based in Babesa said that it has been a few days searching and going round and looking for onion but she has not seen a single onion in the market.

“Currently there is enough tomato in the market but no onions. Seems like it is going to take some months or a year for India to resume its export,” she said. 

Meanwhile, FCBL Director said that Export of other vegetables are continuing but with frequent disruption.

“The general public in Jaigong are claiming that no vegetables should come out from the Phuentsholing since it is under red zone. There is no restriction from the Indian government. We are facing difficulties,” he said.

FCBL imported 150 metric tons of tomatoes worth Nu 7.34 million till date and exported 6134 MT of vegetables worth Nu 59 million just through Phuentsholing alone.

Since September 8, the Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) has resumed the export of vegetables to India from Phuentsholing.

 FCBL purchased vegetables for export from farmers of Paro, Haa and Chukha dzongkhag.

Meanwhile, FCBL has imported 144.79 MT of onion in the country as of 14th September.

India banned export of all varieties of onion except those cut, sliced or in powder since 14th September 2020.

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