No second chance for GSP and GEP beneficiaries that withdraw

No second opportunity will be given to the beneficiaries trained under Guaranteed Skills Program (GSP) or those who have withdrawn from Guaranteed Employment Program (GEP) as many candidates withdraw from the programs when finding better opportunities elsewhere.

Lyonpo Ngeema Sangay Tshempo, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) said, “Guaranteed Skills Program is developed in order to help the graduates in giving them various skills training through various training providers and to give them 100 percent employment.”

Lyonpo also said that 66 percent of those in the program are general graduates which make it difficult for the graduates to find full employment.

“The training provider are suppose to give 100 percent employment,” Lyonpo said, adding that they have 89 training provider certified by the ministry.

When starting the training, the ministry pays 30 to 40 percent advance to start up the training programs. After completing the training, Lyonpo said that, if they are able to provide the graduates 100 percent employment then they pay the full amount.

“If they are not able to place all the trained graduates then sometime we ask them to refund the amount, but if they can place some of the trainees partially, then depending on the numbers, we pay them,” Lyonpo said.

He said that there is no penalty as such for the training providers who have surrendered for not being able to place 100 percent employment in GSP.

However, Lyonpo said that the candidates who are trained under GSP program have to look for jobs on their own if the institute fails to give them a job because they are already trained.

“We cannot help them to get jobs and also can’t give them a second opportunity where we can give them a job under GEP program,” Lyonpo added.

“So far the ministry did not give any penalty to those who have surrendered. There is no need of giving them the penalty because they already are incurring cost in the training programs and they have to refund the amount if they are not able to place all the trainees,” he added.

On the other hand, Lyonpo emphasized on GEP, whereby he said that the program was started with the objective to help the private sector and support them for at least two years.

Meanwhile, the ministry is working to address issues, such as candidate leaving the program for better opportunities. So far, 331 candidates have withdrawn from GEP out of which 127 candidates have given refund amount as per the GEP rules and 81 were let off on consideration under medical grounds.

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