Non-admittance of two motions by Opposition party

The Deputy Speaker informed the House that the two motions submitted by the opposition party on up-gradation of Gyalposhing Higher Secondary School to a degree college and petition for re-deliberation on the Paro Dzongkhag Thromde were not admitted. He clarified that the resolutions on up-gradation of educational institutions in the east were already discussed in the question hour sessions in the past and was referred to the Ministry of Education.

Pertaining to the Paro Dzongkhag Thromde, it was informed that the Thromde was already approved by the joint sitting of Parliament in the last session. The petition submitted by the Paro Dzongkhag Tshogdu was also deliberated in the preliminary agenda setting meeting for the 6th session of Parliament whereby the Members agreed not to admit it in the agenda. He added that a team led by the Deputy Speaker comprising of officials from the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement, Election Commission and other relevant agencies had conducted a public meeting in Paro.

During the meeting, clarifications were provided to the people regarding the Parliament’s decision on Paro Dzongkhag Thromde. On these grounds, the motion on Paro Dzongkhag Thromde was not admitted in the day’s agenda


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