Non-Bhutanese apprehended for burglary

Thimphu police have detained a 29-year-old non-Bhutanese suspected to have committed a number of burglaries in several locations in the city.

Police apprehended the man on the night of March 25 from the Centenary Farmers Market area after receiving a complaint from a resident about a suspicious looking character.

Police on frisking the man found on him a wrench and a hotel room key. In his hotel room, police found a number of stolen items.

According to police the suspect, on the night of 24 March, burgled three houses, one in vegetable market area and two in Hongkong market. The suspect had stolen items worth of Nu 500,000 such as Sersho Gho and Kera, jewelry, currency of different denominations, mobile phone, make-up kits and passports.

Police, after identifying the stolen items and passports, contacted three victims who did not know they had been robbed.

According to police the suspect claimed to have come to the capital for census work. He is married to a Bhutanese and they have a two-month-old baby.

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