Not everyone agrees with the Tshogpon

Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley cycling to work on Pedestrian Day

The National Assembly (NA) session on Tuesday discussed the proposal to designate Prime Minister Jigmi Y. Thinley as a life-time ambassador of Gross National Happiness (GNH).

The NA Speaker, Tshogpon Jigme Tshultim had earlier suggested the proposal to the  house.

Opposition MPs expressed their reservations on the proposal and also said that the house has no authority to designate an individual for such titles.

Opposition Leader (OL) Tshering Tobgay said that the house did not agree-on such a proposal nor was there a discussion on it. He said such an action would be a breach of the constitution.

He quoted a section of the constitution which states that only the king has the sole prerogative to award titles and decorations.

“PM as GNH ambassador was Speaker’s idea to be discussed in 10th session. So shocked to hear that NC was told that NA had approved it,” OL tweeted on his Twitter page.

The OL told the house that NA will actually deviate from the formal procedure as per constitution if the information he got is true, but it is good if members can deliberate on the topic in the upcoming session.

Gasa Opposition MP Damcho Dorji questioned the house if it had the authority to award such positions.

The deputy speaker Yangku Tshering in defense of the Speaker said there will be intensive discussions in the next parliamentary session. “Tshogpon has only shared his opinion and nothing is concrete as of now,” he said.

Economic affairs minister Khandu Wangchuk suggested that the members discuss and get opinions from people in their constituencies before deliberating the topic in the 10th parliamentary session.

He said it is a noble initiative and should be supported by everyone.

A letter from the speaker proposing the same was also read-out during National Council’s last session.

The Deputy Chairperson of NC Dr Sonam Kinga said it is His Majesty’s prerogative and not parliament’s to confer such honors. “The present proposal is about a title, an honor that only His Majesty would bestow at his discretion,” he said.

The proposal to designate Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley as the ‘GNH ambassador for-life’ will be discussed in the 10th parliamentary session this winter.

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  1. ‘noble initiative’? what’s wrong with khandu wangchuk?

  2. Mr. PM is smart guy. Years of cunningness has made him as clever as fox. He knows he can’t come back to power, so he is making different ways to stay in power & limelight.
    “It is not the power that corrupts people, but it is the fear of losing it that corrupts them”…so true.. so true…. god bless those power hungry  people.

    • Everything points to a DPT win in the 2013 elections, so I am surprised by your comments about the PM or is it that I don’t know something that you know. Anyway, whichever party you support, I hope they can put up a good showing.

  3. basically these old hadoms think they’re so clever that we can’t see through them.

  4. Being the speaker of the NA, he doesn’t know the title could be conferred only by His Majesty. Before he quits , he must think he will get away with  one more misdeed. DPT ministers sound like they are running a gang, they want to milk the nation to their maximum benefit while the are in power. Good that National Council is playing the role of opposition party. So proud of you, NC.

  5. who voted for this dirty chap who doesnot know what to speak in the national assembly: shame on your face people from Mongar your cosntituency elected person is corrupt. I wonder if mongar has only people like him. He is mentally ill, he needs to be refered to hospital to understand if he is supposed to confer such titles: in freduen psychology it is called pleasing, he wants to please Lyoenchen to get a ticket. I have party insight into DPT only few are getting the ticket around december this year. No women , no laughter says DPT

    • He is not from Mongar Mr. the Monk. Actually, he is from Trashigang representing Radhi- Sakteng Constituency. Please do some homework before you pose such comments. Mongerpas didn’t vote for him. Its the people of Radhi- Sakteng Constituency who had voted.

      • I know he is from Radhi, the igorant person who wrote that is an imposter who is trying his best to dicredit me. Can’t believe we have such lowlife weasels amongst us. But he got one thing right, I am definitely not a fan of the tshogpon and the DPT as a party would be better off without him. What he did to the people of Mongar as the Gyelpozhing case illustrates is that he is a person with zero scruples.

  6. yes lyonpo jyt is a right choice bt i wonder whether it would be appropriate if we go by the constitution

  7. sonam kinga, this paper (thebhutanse) and opposition will go against whatever government does or intend to do and yet, they claim it is unbiased opinion!!!!….And of course, always quote HM as if only these three people love and respect HM….i don’t think bhutanse people are fools…they know how to judge their government. 

    • We believe Sonam Kinga The Bhutanese and the opposition because we know they are right and informing the people of all the Scams and speaking out loud what most of us Bhutanese want to say. Only a few of you writing here (looks like you all are the MPs themselves or are related to the DPt elects ) are for whatever the govt does . Deep down inside you all must be actually not able to digest whats going on!!!
      Poor Speaker he must have been ordered to nominate JYT as GNH A otherwise hw would not have even dreamt about it

      • Haha, you believe whatever the holy trinity says, if so you must be the biggest dumbass around. Sonam Kinga, can’t stand the moron who thinks he knows everythng and for the opposing everything the government is doing.

  8. Tshering Gyelsten

    hahahahha Jigme thinley and GNH ambassador what a joke? why can house call kinzang dorji and ex MD AWP as dy. ambasador , They are equally good.

  9. Tshering Gyelsten

    His majesty the king has made me proud by not appointing Kinzang Dorji, though his name was very much rumored around for the post of Supreme Court Cheif. Mis-information has happened and thinley Gyamtsho another rogue and blunt could make it, now the time has come we will admire His majesty for not letting JYT to any damaged to country before he exit politics. The con-man so called Tsogpon has moved his cunning proposal to make him as goodwill ambasador , so that he would continue siphoning millions of money in the name of GNH, like the Tshering Wangda , does in the name of security. These are people who loted Bhutanese people.
    Hope Majesty will understand ploy and not to confer his such title..

  10. these are just bunch of pdp fools!

  11. GNH is a noble thought espoused by the Kings, but its the politicians who have abused and exploited it to their own vested interests. The King and the future kings only, should be the ambassadors of GNH as it has to be an apolitical pursuit.

    This article is yet another testimony to the fact that the people of Bhutan had elected a bunch of fools and hopefully it’ll change next year

  12. These comments make me think about why his majesty the fourth king is ousted, the fact remaining that it was in him the concept of GNH. People want to put forward this nut for such a great title.

  13. Why can’t Jigme Tshultim nominates himself as the ambassador of GNH?It would have made a change for this so called GNH.
    I vote for Jigme Tshultim

  14. Dasho Karma Ura is more deserving of this title if at all it has to be conferred. It is all his hard work and brains, PM was just making the most of it. PM even arranged for Speaker to propose his name. So shameful…

    • Are you serious or joking, Dasho Karma Ura is someone who has his head stuck up his backside, a person nominated by His Majesty as one of the eminenet members of the National Council who chose to resign supposedly for health reasons, when everyone knows the real reason was that the NC collectively and rightly chose not to elect him as their chairperson. In simple english, his huge ego would not allow him to be just an NC MP, he wanted to be the boss.

      Also, his history about our past Kings which is regularly aired on BBS, the way he narrates the story to the viewers is that of a person who was actually present and who can forget the Dochula Tsechu he scripted in the middle of winter, haha,

  15. The PM already has a lot of responsibility on him,why are people trying to please him so much now.Its like asif the PM has done some magic over some overwelmed fools.there are other noble people to whom this nobel honour could be bestowed upon and the most nobel person to decide this is our king.lets exercise the concept of GNH in the government for the benefit of our country,we would like a GNH embassador ofcourse,why not,but not a GNH embassador for-LIFE.PM is not the most important person in the country,the NA needs to think twice seriously.

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