Nu 3 million facelift of Thimphu Clock Tower

Thimphu’s Clock Tower is a popular attraction for both visitors and locals. But the city’s main feature was in poor condition, with the clock broken, the slates shattered, flower pots were broken and the water fountains were dry for years.

Thimphu Thromde is currently renovating the Thimphu Clock Tower. The plan is to repaint the clocktower, unclog the drains, and repair the storm water drains. The budget is approximately Nu 3 million (mn). As per thromde, the facelift will be completed on 23 September 2022. 

Thromde will rebuild the damaged sitting gallery including steps and redo the plastering work with proper and appropriate painting.

The defunct fountains and damaged benches will be removed to level the clock tower base flooring by reducing one step to make it user friendly for all ages.

Thromde will also get rid of mani lhakhor and replace the floor with proper kota stone or dolep and renovate the staircase including widening of the same next to slounge.

Meanwhile, many onlookers and passers-by said that thromde is taking a good initiative by facelifting the clock tower before  the arrival of tourists.

Leki, 32, said that Thimphu Thromde should have done the renovation a long time ago when it was in bad shape. However, he stated that when such concerns are exposed in the mainstream media, the relevant authorities take action, otherwise the problem remains unresolved.

“It would not have been noticed if it had not been publicized in the media. I’m glad Thromde is taking charge and restoring the Clock Tower. It is the capital’s main attraction, and it must be repaired,” he said.

Sonam Norphel, 28, said that before the official opening of tourism, the Clock Tower should appear nice and be in a better condition for tourists.

“It’s fantastic that it’s being restored since tourists will be visiting the country shortly, and these areas should be remodeled to attract people,” she said.

She added, “Hope that after the refurbishment, the Clock Tower retains its attractiveness rather than just adorning the city when high-level officials arrive.”

Prior to the pandemic, the area surrounding the large four-face clock was utilized for a variety of events and activities, including as fund-raising events, movie award ceremonies, trade fairs, live musical performances, etc.

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