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OAG is waiting for closing argument and judgment of the BEO case

The Office of Attorney General (OAG) is waiting for closing argument and judgment of the Bhutan Employment Overseas Agent (BEO) case.

OAG has submitted all their summarized arguments of the BEO case, and after the closing argument, OAG will not get the opportunity to file additional information on the case.

Last year, BEO case was in the witness stage after both the prosecutor and defendant issued rebuttals, twice, with submission of their evidences in the District Court, Thimphu, according OAG.

OAG charge sheeted the BEO case to the Thimphu District Court on 12 December 2020 after Royal Bhutan Police forwarded the case to OAG on 22 October 2019.

An official from OAG said it is taking time because rendering a judgment purely based on prosecutor’s statement or defendant’s statement is not enough for the case. Currently, the judges are studying the documents.

BEO was charged for forging the Bank of Bhutan’s bank balance, forging pay slips of the sponsors of the students.  Moreover, they were also charged with larceny by deception for illegally deducting Nu 7,500 as translation fees from each student.

OAG decided to alter the charge against a graphic designer, a former employee of BEO who forged the BOB seal, from aiding and abetting to forgery.

Likewise, the office decided to alter the charge against the eight BEO staff responsible for inserting the details of the sponsors on the BoB statement and forging the pay slips, from failure to report crime to aiding and abetting forgery.

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