OAG refutes Bjemina VP and appeals for highest charges in second hearing

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) made its case against the Bjemina vice principal (VP) in the second hearing on 11th June. OAG has mainly refuted the points raised by the accused. The accused had denied all allegations made against him.

The accused had stated that the main complainant in the case held a grudge against him and influenced the other girls to charge him. To this point, OAG asked the accused to prove if the main complainant had any grudge against him or if they had any kind of relation which made her to do so. OAG said, “The reason why the complainant, who was the victim of attempt to rape and molestation, visited doctor frequently was because she was in need of help as she was mentally traumatized by those incidents.”

OAG said the doctor informed the school management of the trauma the girl was experiencing and that is how the case was exposed. “There was no reason to influence other victims or have any grudge against the accused, to make her do so,” OAG added.

In addition, OAG also said that no girl will say that a man has molested her, as for any girl or woman, their character, body and name matters. Therefore, “Those victim won’t give a statement saying that the accused molested them, they would rather just say that they have seen him molesting the complainant,” OAG said.

It was made known in court that the accused is a repeat offender, committing the crime over and over again. OAG also presented in court that if the victims had any sort of grudge against the VP, then no boys in the class would be willing to give a statement of what the accused did to the girls in the class.

When the accused can molest girl students very openly, why he can’t attempt to rape a single girl, OAG said, adding that most of the schools in Bjemina are located far from people or settlements, and it is likely he can commit such abuses of children even if his office is located in an open area.

In addition, OAG said that there is always a time to call students for any work in the office, and moreover, all student have their own given names, so there was no need for calling any of them with pet names like ‘Darling’, ‘Rada’, etc.

“We appealed to the court that his only intention was to rape her by calling her to his office after office hours, and that there is an intention calling them with those names. If the victim failed to escape on time, then he might have raped her also,” OAG said.

In the best interest of the child and in order to prevent child molestation in the country, OAG said that they have appealed to the court, after all the hearings and after presentation of every witness, if the accused is proven guilty then he should be charged for every criminal count or given the highest sentence of imprisonment.

The next hearing will be held on 22 June in the Women and Children Bench in Thimphu.

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