Officer accused of harassing female constable to be charged

A police officer in Nganglam, Pemagatshel is alleged to have sexually harassed a lady constable. The RBP headquarter initiated the investigation into the sexual harassment and formed a committee. The committee then carried out a court of inquiry, and based on the victim’s statement to the committee, found a certain ingredient of criminality.

Thereby, the case is forwarded back to Nganglam police to be charge sheeted before the court of law. Till such time, the accused police officer is under suspension.

The case came into lime light after an anonymous person in social media posted about the incident in January 2022.

A RBP officer said that while some allegations against police officer in-charge come once in a while, however, sexual harassment allegation is very rare, and not acceptable at all.

He said, “Sexual harassment is a serious offence in our uniform law. If such cases are reported, we will make sure that the due process is followed and will do whatever needful as per the law. I do not intend to hide or save anybody in this case.”

Uniformed personnel are to protect people from those offences rather than them getting involved in such offences, he said.

“The penalty might defer as per the offence. If court convicts, everyone will remain terminated but if court acquits him, it will be otherwise. The offences, however, are not acceptable to us,” he added.

The officer was alleged to have touched the victim inappropriately and he was also accused to have declined her request of a transfer.

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