OL gets the heat

The Opposition Leader (OL) Tshering Tobgay has acknowledged, MPs had made personal attacks on the members of the opposition party during the National Assembly (NA) Q and A session yesterday.

“We are however not swayed to respond to personal attacks, instead prefer to stick to the issues at hand,” said the OL.

The Opposition Leader (OL), Tshering Tobgay who set out to pin-point irresponsibility in the Lyonchen and the Agriculture minister during the session easily became the bulls-eye for personal attacks from the ruling party’s MPs.

The OL after he submitted his question (meant for the agriculture minister) said as required he had submitted his question 48 hours in advance, which was by 10AM on Wednesday.

He said that since the question had been included in the order of business for the day, the agriculture minister had obviously been given a copy of his question. The OL said that having received notice of a question, and once that question had been included in the NA’s order of business, the minister is expected to answer it. The OL said that his question was included in the day’s order of business which meant that the minister failed to inform the assembly of his inability to answer the question.

“That shows total disregard for the institution of the NA,” said the OL.

On the agriculture minister’s absence, Lyonpo Khandu Wangchuk said that even maintaining foreign relations was important, so the minister being away from the NA to attend the conference was equally important.


After that the ball came rolling

Referring to the OL’s question on the Asparagus exports, the Kabji-Talo, MP, Tshering Penjor said that since the OL had been seen touring the vegetable market, “he may want to go to Kolkata to review the situation there”.

The Athang-Thedtsho MP, Passang Thrinlee accused the OL of talking to the media before raising the question in the NA. He said there had been some questions that the media had highlighted upon.

The OL who didn’t respond to the comments inside the house spoke to The Bhutanese after the session.

“Their comments did not merit a reply. That is why I did not answer,” said the OL on the personal attacks.



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  1. Two dummy MPs attacking you must definitely be good for you! Given a chance, the MP from Punakha will turn the NA discussions into a shouting match, so best not to respond. Better yet, the Speaker needs to maintain decorum. This sort of cheap sarcasm is not to be tolerated. Everybody is capable of cheap sarcasm and cheap shots. Is this how proceedings should be conducted in the NA hall? 

    If so then don’t waste our money electing MPs. There are plenty of semi-witty jokesters in any crowd in any event who always have something smart to say. They’ll come for free to pass their smart remarks.

    • Out of the 45 MPS from the ruling party, I feel that MP from Kabji-talo is the most lousiest and he seems to not know what to speak in the parliament. Instead of bringing much needed development to his constituency, he enjoys attacking the OL with no apparent reason. I urge the DPT president not to give him ticket in the 2013 election.

  2. This two MP were the most lousiest MP, Passang Thinlee and Tshering Penjor. I wonder how they got ticket from DPT and Will they get ticket from DPT in next election.

    • Hingtam chi Zhuwachen

      My only concern with DPT is control some MPs from adding negativity to this beautiful party….   some are too authoritative, some are lousy, too pride, some indirectly try to harass many civil servants for personal matters in the name of people and so on….

      Is that the problem of      ego or exposure, hard to understand?

  3. sometimes u need these two lousy mps to answer OL’s stupid question!

  4. Kinley Yangzoom

    These 2 MP’s are the most uncivilized MP’s not knowing what they say against OL is too bad for their own image. It is the result of having less qualified and narrow minded people in politics. 

  5. Well, 
     Those two MPs are the clones of DPT.. full of non sense.. cheers OL….

  6. Thos two MPs even they are not capable of being village Tshogpa.

  7. the MP’s are worthless. They don’t do anything for the country or the people but are there just to suck from from the govt. Seriuosly i hope in this next election we don’t ve to see the smae parasites again.

  8. Its time we check ourselves what is happening with the present government? Today we needed matured and qualified MPS who are true Patriot for the service of nation building. I have watched national assembly many times and just for one phrase they debate for week, like nomenclature of Chancellor / Director.Un-necessary bill of cigarates and so forth was really really discouraging. I wanted to see our MPS and NC to come with the master plan having different ideas, creative thinking, innovative thinking, integrative thinking and futuristic move . These principles will lead Bhutan to 21st century world. please rethink you one more yeear to go

  9. what is happening in the Bhutanese parliament, the apex law making body.what we have seen in the ongoing session of the parliament with two MPs making personal attack on OL was really disheartening  ,. please respect the decorum of the hall.its not India and such barbaric and primitive manners are strictly unacceptable and the concerned MPs(parasite) involved must be immediately rooted out . our NA session is watched by millions of people outside who places high regard for being a GNH country.i hope making such personal attack in the session is the unbecoming of the GNH loving society .why waste time preaching GNH to outsiders if its not working in Bhutan.

  10. Not everyone of us can become a leader. That is why we have over zealously elected DPT under the leadership of current PM to govern our country on our behalf. So he has the legitimate authority to govern this country in the best interest of this country. GNH is DPT’s core guiding developmental policy. PM promotes this GNH brand nationally and internationally. The practicality of GNH may be questionable but every developmental policy is questionable. Even the GDP indicator that is followed internationally has infinite flaws. It is the untamed human greed that has made GDP the GOD of all indicators. Where there is wealth, there is a good life. Everyone wants to have a car, mobile phone, big house and so on. The list never ends. People have succumbed to economic growth measured by GDP because it directly correlates with the living standard. That is what has happened in the western world. It is a reality and that is why every Bhutanese wants to flee to America. Bhutanese would not care even to live as an illegal aliens in America because of the same reason.
    On the other hand GDP does not care anything else except economic production but at a huge cost to our mother planet. Geologist have started calling this era as an era of ‘Anthropocene’ because of our capability to interfere with the natural ecosystem. For instance, we humans are replenishing more Nitrogen than what the nature would do. This is a great concern. That is why a holistic developmental paradigm like ‘Sustainability’ and GNH provides an alternative way. For now they are too weekly to be measured. Especially GNH indicators are so fuzzily defined and yet more fuzzily quantified. However nothing happens quickly. GNH has to be given time to refined further. There may be a time when it may become like GDP. That is exactly what our PM is doing by promoting vigorously at home and abroad. The world needs it more now than ever before because GDP led countries are pushing the boundaries of this Planet extremely. Some scientist argue that the ‘Anthropocene’ may be irreversible if we do not act now, which can be very disastrous to mankind. It has a potential to wipe out the entire humanity like a single’ meteorite strike’ that wiped out the famous Dinosaurs from the face of this Planet. That is the topic of discussion in the ongoing Rio+ conference in Brazil. That is where our PM will present a case with GNH model for the world. Therefore an absence of leave from the national assembly at home is very justifiable in order to attend the international assembly, where Bhutan can also present an alternative way of economic development for the world.

    • Hingtam chi Zhuwachen

      My only comment is please ensure to maintain quality talks during NA.

    • i think you are either one of the Party worker or a great supporter of DPT. So far I have read many comments written by you in this forum are pro DPT. It is your views and you have the right to share your opinion but sometimes it is too much man… 

      • I am neither a supporter of DPT, nor a party worker. I just share my views based on my objective analysis. To me truth matters. I am not an emotional creature. I am not an emotional patriot of this country.

    • i think you are either one of the Party worker or a great supporter of DPT. So far I have read many comments written by you in this forum are pro DPT. It is your views and you have the right to share your opinion but sometimes it is of no relevance.. 

    • sonam you leave me speechless…
      Thumbs Up!

  11. I am not at all surprised on hearing these two MPs’ befitting raw reactions to the OL’s uncooked hoodwinking question. In order to putting better sense in your opponent’s otherwise ill hardened petty mindsets for the sake of the larger national good, sometimes, I feel the need of having such equally notorious MPs on both the sides of the House (Ruling as well as the Opposition) so that things would remain well balanced when applying proper check and balances alongside the lines of these wild views.

  12. No doubt, these two mps don’t have brains but on the other hand, OL’s question was also stupid….at times, u need stupid mps to answer stupid questions…..

  13. I appreciate OL not replying stupid questions…… NA is not a playground but a place for solution…….

  14. Karpola wrote: “NA is not a playground”


    That’s exactly the point on why the NA mustn’t be treated like a fish market kind cheap place. As much as these two MPs ought to be disciplined so do the OL too – on why he must learn to behave appropriately in the NA as a respectable Leader of the Opposition party? On few counts, I have also seen the Speaker reminding the OL on why he must limit his arguments exclusively within the permissibility ambit of the House. By this, he cannot play around with the things and become too personal and petty minded in the conduct of the OL’s public duty.

  15. the mps are questions; the speakers biased and alot more lousy things happening in the na.

  16. The biggest achievement of Bhutanese politics since 2008 has been the taming of the satra kotra Kabje Talo MP Tshering Penjore 

    rephrased from Jigsnews  H AHAHA.!  this MP’s brains and language is meant for lozay competition not in NA 

    When NA were disussing about the National Speaker being involved in the Gyelposhing Land Scam. I was very shocked to see Punakha MP Tshering Penjor trying to support the Speaker.
    First of all people know the reason why LOUSY MP Tshering Penjor supported DPT. He may be hoping for ticket for next round of election. First place DPT Party and other parties may not give you any ticket to set for the election. In case if you are given ticket to take part, that particular party will loose just because of issuing ticket to such a lousy MP like Tshering Penjor.

    Second thing he made a personal attack to OL. NA is not a place to bring out the personal matters, you are not paid and elected to discuss the personal matter.

  18. I was also shocked to watch MP Tshering Penjor making personal attcak on Mejay DokchokGothrip in the assembly.

    1. MP Tshering penjore addressed Mejay Dokchok Gothrip as Haa Sombaykha Thumi. I have not heard anyone addressing to OL as Sombaykha Thumi in the NA. Yes he is Sombaykha Thumi but he is OL.
    2. MP Tshering penjore may soon address Hon’ble speaker as MerakSakteng Thumi and Hon’ble PM as Pemagatshel Nanong Thumi. and likewise all other ministers by respective thumis.

    3. All ministers are addressed as mijay lyonchen or mijay tshokpon, mijay sowai lyonpo and so on and so forth Only MP Tshering penjore addressed mijay dokchokgothrip as sombaykha thumi this shows his arrogance and his dirty politics to gain or pretend to support hon’ble speaker and hon’ble PM.

    4. such trends are bit worrisome and regretful

  19. It is typical 3rd country Behavior from The MP from Punakha. What else can u aspect  from a Dzongkha teacher who knew nothing but dzongkha.
    Speaker had violated the rule clearly.
     I met one family from Drapong. The man said, he had 5 acres of land near Kurichu, which Govt took and later on only e knew, that land is in the name of SB else not on govt’s development plan. Shocking.. Shocking… This Stupid MP is still supporting Speaker.. I guess one monkey supporting the another. Or it could be like.. You scratch my back 7 i’ll  scratch your”.

  20. Except attacking the OL, nothing concrete these two MPs-Tshering Penjor and Pasang Thrinley talk about. I hope the people of Punakha and Wangdi will not make mistake for the second time. Country had wasted resources on these silly MPs. DPT should not give the tickets to these two MPs for 2013 election. As some one said they are not capable of holding even Tshogpa’s post. So sorry for having elected these two MPs. They should at any cost personalize the issue. What ever the OL is saying is also for the benefit of the country. Of course I and my family voted for DPT in 2008 election. Such attitude of some MPs makes us regret for having voted for DPT.

  21. Attention….ol is asking stupid q in the house n expectin the minister shud come to him n sugest wad cury can they hav tonight…rem who is ol til 2008? He is also tryin to oppose each step doin by govt n tryin to woe people but i promise ol wil no way get pm even less chance as mp furture….cheers for opp mp dasho damcho dorji..right pm

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