Old Books for Young Readers in Remote Areas

Members and volunteers of Writers Association of Bhutan (WAB) conducted a book collection drive on Saturday 18 August at Athang Training Academy, Thimphu to collect old books from people and send it to schools in remote areas.

The organizer of the event said books play a big role to empower children with information but reading culture is very poor among school children and minimal in the remote schools.

“Some schools might have good libraries but students lack reading skills. Through awareness events like this we would like to help create some lasting impression on school children,” said the organizer of the event Ngawang Phuntsho.

He said that some people collect books, read them and store them in their cupboards.

However, through this collection drive, they would encourage people to share their books with schools that cannot afford to buy books, but direly need them.

Also through this initiative they would encourage book stores in the country to contribute, in order to promote a reading culture among school children.

“Reading culture is very poor amongst our school children and the rate at which our children read is even minimal in the remote schools in the country,” said Ngawang Phuntsho.

More than 800 books were collected and those who could not make donations on the day had called the WAB and wanted to drop their books.

Collected books varied from classic novels, encyclopedia, history, Atlas, References, Fiction and non-fiction and children’s fables.

The event was carried out in collaboration with Go Youth Go (a youth group in Thimphu), Athang Training Academy and DSB Books (official bookstore partner).

WAB plans to conduct similar programs at Paro, Wangduephodrang and Phuentsholing.  For Thimphu they would have second round of book collection drive at clock tower this Saturday.

“These books will definitely help our students. We are trying to see which schools deserve the books thus collected,” he said.

Books collected from such collection drive would be sent to different schools across Bhutan.

The association plans to carry out essay writing competitions and also publish their works – a book of folktales, short stories, essays and poems.

The WAB will formally register its members soon.

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  1. Drukpaheartson

    A good news for the under previlaged people! I am pretty sure, it is one of the best initiatives beside shoe vival. The charity work sounds sustainble and creates a win-win situation. Thumbs up! WAB and at the same time we must ensure our youths get good books relevant for them. I will also drop by with my few books and share the infromation with others.
    With best wishes and I am hopefull that the books will of great benefit to our youths.

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