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I would like to express my strong dissatisfaction on the poor quality of services being provided by Bhutan Telecom (BT). I was earlier using a 2 G data card and had to end up paying a lot of money to compulsorily move to 3 G services like all other users. Telecom officials promised me and many others that the speed and quality of services would improve. But, alas it has become even worse as it is near impossible to get good connectivity. If I am lucky and awake it is only between midnight and early morning when 3 G is truly 3 G or sort of.

I have read BT explaining that problems are anything from line connectivity to server and capacity issues. However, I have been reading and hearing these excuses for too long and despite promises nothing is being done.

Another problem I would like to highlight is that I am a B-mobile user and in the last one year or so the mobile connections have gone from bad to worse. Like many of my friends the phone suddenly gets cut in the middle of conversation, the other side cannot be heard and there is poor coverage. Even the landline phones seem to be giving problems especially in the Dzongkhags.

Bhutan Telecom is a major government company that provides service to the majority of Bhutanese people. It cannot afford to be so careless and inefficient in its operations. It is high time that the DHI top brass or if not even the government should intervene and find out what is happening.

It is sad to see that while BT has no qualms in collecting timely payment it does not care about service delivery.

Please do something before it is too late as hundreds of thousands of Bhutanese people depend for many activities on Bhutan Telecom.

Mobile and internet connectivity is no longer a luxury but in today’s world it is very much a necessity too. I also don’t know how we can develop our IT sector and education sector with such poor connectivity.

Such poor connectivity is having an impact on all sectors like the government agencies, private sector and private individuals.

For a country divided by high mountains poor connectivity cannot and must not be tolerated.

By Sonam from Thimphu

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