On Hikes and Taxes

Congratulation PDP for your successful pay hike! Imposing higher taxes on the common people and hiking your salary. It’s very funny and sad to notice in the Nation Assembly that even those MPs who never stood and spoke a single word till date were also standing and supporting their pay hike and allowances. It seem like we people have voted for them to discuss their own benefits in the assembly. They keep on deferring other important issues, but when issues are related to their own benefits they finalized it in one session. I think now the PDP government needs to create a separate market for common people where they can buy goods at a cheaper rate. See you in 2018.


Please our beloved King, come back to save your people.We were happy under your glorious leader-ship. Please, please come to our rescue.


Is the pay hike justified considering our economic turmoil? Do they (MPs) deserve approximately Nu 123,000 per month considering the amount of work they do. Acts, Bills, rules and regulations etc are all prepared by poor civil servants and MPs just deliber¬ate on it, most not knowing which one is head or tail. They are handsomely paid to sit in the comforts of the NA Hall twice a year. It is a self serving and I am ashamed how cheap and selective our MPs could be. If they had a little bit common sense, they would have taken note of the plight of a common Bhuta¬nese. May our beloved Monarchy save this country! Our only hope lies in our Monarchy!


Without investing in a far sighted plan to put into place an efficient, effective, state-of-the-art public transport system and good / well maintained roads which facilitate mobility of people and goods in the towns and around the country, simply hiking import taxes to increase revenue for govt is neither correct nor a just decision. It is a narrow minded and short sighted impulsive strategy which will have enor¬mous repercussions on the economy and growth of the nation too. Hope the government with all its wisdom will review and re-consider the policy to be implemented at a later stage of development in the country when citizens will be in a position to accept and support its implementation without feeling too pushed into the corner with drastic almost draco¬nian and high-handed measures with no public consultations!


There is a silver lining in the proposed tax struc¬ture for vehicles. We must know how difficult it is to strike a balance so that the tax system is fair to all. Although in terms of the numbers and percentages, the tax looks steep but the fact of the matter is that for the general class, there is no need to pay the 50% custom duty. So increase is therefore not that steep. This I think is good for the system. Well it is another ball game if you fancy land cruisers, BMWs and Mercs. People who aspire for these vehicles will of course pay through the nose.


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