On poor 3G services


This is with regard to your papers article on the poor quality of 3 G internet services by Bhutan Telecom. The Bhutan Telecom manager explained this poor quality of service saying that beginning of the year, they had just 20, 000 registered users for 3G services but by the end of 2013, they had close to 120,000 subscriptions.  This it claimed led to some slowing of speed at peak hours.

I am shocked to learn that Bhutan Telecom has allowed such an increase in its numbers without increasing its capacity.

I would go one step further and say that the 3 G and internet services in general are very poor even at non peak hours. Earlier I could download a YouTube clip in almost the same speed without stopping but currently it is next to impossible.

BT is now talking about 4 G services when its own 3 g services are worse than its earlier 2 g services.

Another issue with BT is the increasingly congested mobile lines as these days it is becoming difficult to even make mobile calls. I am guessing this is also due to the large increase in numbers without increasing the capacity.

Bhutan cannot talk about an IT sector or Google Apps etc when our service providers cannot even give us a decent internet and mobile connection.

I will call on Bhutan Telecom to upgrade its services or like all business competitors lose out to its rival. We have a choice and we will not be afraid to make the switch if such poor services continue.

Jambgay Tshering


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