On the BHEL and BVT Commission issue

This is a very serious matter. Now I understand why there must be corruption in every developmental activity in our country. Our nation was not known for that though it had pride and favoritism.

I am about to join my service in dedication for my country, but, on the other side it makes us even fear trusting our own officials.

This deal was not only about appointing their own private mo¬nopoly service provider, but it also has something to do about holding meetings and fixing the agent (sole proprietor), two years before the two Government’s discussed the issue and in fact they were way ahead of the government.

Ab Naphi

We need to wipe out corruption from Bhutan. All efforts must be directed to find the truth in this case. Media must keep the public correctly informed and all arms of the Royal Govern¬ment must do their part to dig the truth transparently and judiciously. We are a very small country, we cannot afford corruption to grow. All the best.


It is very nice that our government is going to have a look at it. And I totally agree that ACC and RAA should be involved in digging out the matter. The guilty should be punished heav¬ily and transparency should be established once and for all. After all, it is we bhutanese who are going to have to pay for it in the end and not to forget the kind gesture of the indian government in granting us 30% as grant. The guilty should

not escape. It should be tackled in such a way that it serves as a lesson for us all.


It is a very important issue that has been brought forward. Better late than never. This kind of fraud has to be dug further and the culprit penalized adequately so that no such instances occur again. It is a matter of grave concern and shame for all Bhutanese that such people exist in our society. It is not dif¬ficult to assume that there are other people involved in this. This could not have been done without the support of some people in power then. We know how they have been involved in other such misdeeds and by now it is easy to predict who it could possibly be. I am sure the readers will understand it easily. Let’s all be part of this campaign against corruption in our country. The hypocrites should be exposed and penalized. GNH is not just theory, its rather for the people to follow. True

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