On the Eastern Development Initiative

I would like to applaud the government for coming up with the Eastern Development Initiative to develop the six Dzongkhags of Eastern Bhutan. The PDP during its election pledges had talked of developing the East and now I am happy to see that in power they intend to keep their promise to what is generally an economically more backward area of Bhutan.


Glad to go through the comprehensive EDI. It really is a comprehensive development plan for the eastern dzongkhags. We only pray that our government successfully implements the initiatives as laid down in the initiative document.


More than anything please connect the East-West Highway well and then you will see the East rise.


Comprehensive Development Plan for Central Bhutan (CDP4CB), next? Chhumed, Buli and Gelephu should be the growth centers. Hope our Hon’ble MPs are listening.

Rangd hen

Haha a heap of clean papers that will end up with silverfish infestation and wash down the drain. I feel so funny about this government


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