One arrested for attempting to rob Dungtsho Sherab Jorden

Thimphu police arrested a 40-year-old man for attempted burglarly on the evening of August 5 based on a complaint received at around 3:15 am the same morning.

The complaint lodged with the police stated that a suspect had entered the one-storied house of the well known 81-year-old Dungtsho Sherab Jorden in Hongtsho by breaking the ply board wall and outer doors of the cottage. The Dungtsho is also a Druk Thuksey winner for his long contribution in setting up the traditional medical hospital in Thimphu.

Police said that, as per the statement of the victim, the suspect had entered the house and while he was trying to break into the bedroom, he woke up and immediately called a neighbor on the phone.

The Dungtsho said that he suspected that the intruder probably wanted to not only rob the place but also cause him harm in the process as he was inside the cottage at the time. He said that it was a narrow escape for him as his cottage is quite isolated.

The suspect apprehended by the police denied committing the crime. He has been detained for further investigation.

As a result of the crime the Dungtsho said that his family members fear for his life and safety and they want him to move to Thimphu city. He said that he may move in the coming month.

This is significant as a lot of people visit the Dungstho for traditional medical treatment.

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