Ongoing Camp Raven keeps youth productively occupied

Under Royal Command, Camp Raven meant mainly for the children of armed forces is going on from 18th December 2015 to 15th January 2016.

There are 575 youth attending in the Royal Bhutan Army (227), Royal Bhutan Police (152) and Royal Body Guards (196) camp grounds.  Of the total 255 are girls and 320 are boys.

This year, there are various competitions and sports tournaments held within and amongst the three armed forces with attractive prizes to engage the children and encourage more participation for the Camp Raven next year.

Camp Raven Marathon will also take place this year in 2nd week of January.

BOC helped with the afternoon games program by providing coaches for basketball badminton and football.

The main objective of this camp is to keep the children engaged and productive so they will deter themselves away from crime.

There are also three dance volunteers from Thailand who teach children contemporary dance in the respective camps. The volunteers are Mr Bodin Intraprasert, Ms. Cat Orawee and Ms Tanisara Kaewin

Besides games in the afternoon, the children are engaged with interesting classes such as RBP  talks on traffic, crime and youth delinquency, young entrepreneurs like Greener Way MD Karma Yonten, Radio Valley MD Kinley Wangchuk, Farmer Sangay, Bhutan Kidney Foundation founder  Tashi Namgay coming to speak to the children on being productive citizens of the nation.

Actors and actresses from Motion picture association also come and engage with children.

Camp Raven was initiated by His Majesty the King in 2012 to ensure that the children of armed forces are engaged productively during the long winter vacations.



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