Only DPT candidate present for the Khamed public debate

The public debate in Khamed-Lunana constituency on Sunday in Gasa proceeded with just the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) candidate since the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate could not make it due to health reasons.

The DPT candidate is the former National Assembly (NA) MP of the constituency, Kinley Dorji and PDP candidate is Pema Drukpa.

During the event a woman in the audience asked why the DPT candidate didn’t render any assistance during the flood in Gasa. She said, on the other hand, the people had received immediate help from the dzongkhag.

The DPT candidate responded saying, “I received a call from the dzongkhag. I have played a part to help and the government has provided Nu 30mn as help for the flood victims. And I also arrived in the village during the flood.”

The audience at the debate forum also raised questions and put forward the need for a bus service in Gasa, while other observations and queries delved on differences in law for rich and poor people, women candidates deprived of opportunities because of combined gewogs, and remote school students who cannot perform as well as compared to the other schools.

On the bus service, Kinley Dorji said, the first and foremost priority for DPT, if it comes to power, would be a good network of road system, after which ,together with Bhutan Post the party would place in a bus service.

Regarding the people’s views on unequal laws, he said that there are no differences in the law in the context of there being one for the rich section and another law for the poor.

“If people are above the law then they are going above the Constitution of our country,” he said.

He said combined gewogs of Lunana and Khamed was a result of delimitation.

“We have a big concern for the women not getting opportunities in politics. Women and men should be treated equal, and we want to see more women participation in 2018 election,” Kinley Dorji said.

“Regarding the performance of remote school students, if I win in the elections, I will try to put experienced teacher and provide computer tablets to the remote school in order to better the access and connectivity. I will have full support on these issues,” he added.

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