Open mic session takes students outside the classroom

Changzamtog Lower Secondary School has an interactive learning session that takes learning out of the classroom and not just limited to the books.

It is called the ‘open mic session’ where guest speakers and students interact with each other on various topics. Introduced last year, the program is aimed at helping students build life skills. The session is conducted every Friday for an hour on different themes.

Invitation is made to different agencies based on the weekly theme set by the teacher on duty (ToD). Principal of Changzamtog LSS, Karma Drukpa, said that they are happy with their initiatives because the good response from the students. Teachers are also seeing a good change in the attitude of the students as topics from the session is also put into practical use.

The Principal said more sessions will be conducted due to the positive response from the students and participating guests. “Student should not be kept in class attached with the subjects alone. They need to be familiarized with different activities which will help them for life skills,” he said.

Apart from a few coordination issues with weekly theme, there has not been many challenges in conduction the session. The school finds ready spokesperson from various agencies that are interested to speak to the students. “They never say no to our request instead they are happy with what we are doing and appreciate with what we do,” he said.

Students take active part during the session by engaging in the talks with spokespersons. Last week, the theme was “Say No to Junk and Eat Healthy Food”.

The school has invited RBP officials for the session to sensitize on youth-related crimes. During the session, RBP official talked on youth-related issues and pointed out a few crimes, such as battery and drugs where the youth are involved and the penalty if proven guilty.

Some of the common crimes committed by the youth are loitering at odd hours, getting into gang fights, malicious mischief, drug abuse, assault, larceny and robbery, auto stripping and carrying of weapons.

Meanwhile, police official also talked on domestic violence and other women related issues, especially rape issues. The students were also sensitized on different types of rape and its penalty according to the Penal Code of Bhutan.

The session concluded with a question answer portion in which student took interest in asking and clarifying their doubts on such related issues.




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