Opposition fatigue behind PDP’s surprise victory in Mongar

The three constituencies in Mongar voted in favour of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) by giving the  party a total of 9,394 votes

In Kengkhar-Weringla, PDP candidate Sonam Penjor triumphed over the three-time consecutive winner, DPT candidate Rinzin Jamtsho, securing 2,726 votes (1,238 EVM and 1,488 PB), out of a turnout of 7,796 voters.

Sonam Penjor said, “It can be anybody’s game. When I first entered for the election back in 2018, I had no time to consult with the people, however, for this election, I increased efforts in consulting with constituents, recognizing the crucial role of engagement in winning elections. I know all the people from my constituency well enough since this is my third time running for the election.”

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) secured the second place with 2,076 votes.

Meanwhile, in the Dramedtse-Ngatsang constituency, PDP’s Tobgay emerged victorious with a substantial 3,638 votes (2,111 EVM and 1,527 PB), surpassing DPT’s candidate who received 2,497 votes.

Tobgay expressed, “I think people realized that having a candidate in the Opposition Party doesn’t work. Currently, our country is going through huge economic crisis, and if people elect the wrong party, the nation will go through more crisis in the future, which is why people thought PDP is the right choice to revive the economy.”

PDP’s Sonam Dhendup secured victory in Monggar with 3,030 votes (1,607 EVM and 1,423 PB), with a turnout of 7,802.

Sonam Dhendup shared, “The first reason could be peoples’ trust and confidence on us based on our performance, and the second is that every individual in each constituency worked hard to live up to the expectations of the people. And the final is that I haven’t lost touch with the people despite setbacks in 2018 election which led to my win this time.”

Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) secured second place in Monggar with 1,980 votes.

The election results signal a significant shift in political dynamics, with voters expressing confidence in different parties.

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