Opposition gives 9 recommendations to the Govt

The Opposition Party raised 9 issues with the second lockdown and accordingly gave 9 recommendations.

With regard to the issue of thousands of people being stranded, especially in Thimphu and Paro, the Opposition recommended develop standard protocols and procedures for facilitating both the categories of emergency and normal travels to avoid such situation hence.

On the issue of the livelihood of Urban Poor DPT said that with 204,369 people estimated to be living in Thimphu and Paro it has been feared that the prolonged lockdown, apart from seriously impacting the livelihood of a sizable segment of low and daily wage income people, could also aggravate the livelihood of some marginal middle income people.

The Opposition recommended developing a system or a mechanism to extend basic support to these economically vulnerable groups as well, if not covered under any scheme currently, in case of prolonged shutdown in future.

To curb the prices of essentials surging sharply the Opposition recommended revisiting the current system to ensure that adequate number of shops are opened and essentials stocked commensurate to the population of the concerned zones. The party also asked seriously look into the dynamics of essential supplies and prices to maintain essentials affordable to the people.

The party recommended for the government to earnestly work on smart vaccine procurement plan, among others, bearing in mind the importance of uniformity and equity in vaccine and vaccination coverage. It said prior information and complete transparency on this aspect to the citizens is highly desirable.

The party said that despite the highest attention to this aspect, lapses continue to occur especially on the front of International Airport quarantine procedures, due to which the second lockdown is widely believed to have been triggered.

It recommended improving and strengthening the transportation and quarantine procedures, including revisiting the agencies to be involved in these logistics, and framing clear delineation and delegation of responsibilities.

The Opposition recommended developing a synchronized and efficient system and protocols for inter-Dzongkhags movement of people as well as intra-Dzongkhag disease surveillance to prevent future community transmission.

It also recommended to develop a comprehensive mechanism and protocols for efficient inter-Dzongkhags transportation of agriculture produce, particularly to urban centres.

The party said with the enforcement of COVID-19 protocols recently, home cooked food are disallowed for in-patients while hospital food are still reportedly of poor quality.

The party asked to revisit the SOP and improve the quality of in-patient food.

It said the shortage of monitoring officials at the export areas has directly impacted the export of mines and minerals products, especially from the Eastern and Central regions.

It said that under the present circumstance everything possible should be done to support and augment export by providing adequate monitoring officials and escort facilities at the borders. Similarly, due priority be accorded for facilitation of export of agricultural produce.

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