Opposition Leader returns vehicle to government, DPT calls it a political stunt

The Prado sits alone outside the Cabinet Secretariat after being handed over by the former Opposition Leader
The Prado sits alone outside the Cabinet Secretariat after being handed over by the former Opposition Leader

Having completed his tenure as the opposition leader, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President Tshering Tobgay gave up his official duty vehicle granted to him. In a press conference the former Opposition Leader (OL) also requested the interim government to lift the personal security arrangements made for him.

“While I am deeply honoured to be granted the right to personally receive the official vehicle that was dispensed for my official position for the past five years, I would like to submit that my conscience does not permit me to retain it for reasons that are well known to every Bhutanese,” said Tshering Tobgay in the letter addressed to the Chairman of the Interim Government the Chief Justice Sonam Tobgay.

The former OL presented the following as reasons that led to his decision to return the vehicle.

According to the former OL’s letter His Majesty the King was requested by no other than the  Prime Minister to grant the official Land Cruiser and Prados to the Prime Minister, Ministers, Speaker, Chairman of the National Council and the Leader of the Opposition.

“…Which is morally wrong and tends to set a precedent in future which will eventually become a right? I strongly believe that it is wrong for the elected leadership to submit a plea of Kidu for personal gain which tantamount to total disrespect for the countless Bhutanese people who struggle to meet their daily sustenance and who are the real ones deserving His Majesty’s compassion through the institution of Kidu,” stated the letter.

The other reason stated was that the country is on the brink of an economic crisis.

“Our national debt is more than Nu 83bn, which amounts to 82% of GDP, and is projected to grow exponentially in the next few years. Furthermore, the short term rupee borrowing has already crossed Rs 21bn and is spiralling out of control creating an unprecedented Rupee Crisis,” stated the letter.

The letter further stated that there are no indications that this crisis will be resolved in the near future. The reckless borrowing and excessive spending by the DPT Government during the past five years have directly contributed to this dangerous economic condition, and our people are already facing the brunt of this crisis.

“In such an unfortunate economic situation where strict austerity measures have now become inevitable, I, as an elected leader of the people, cannot morally accept the vehicle which will only contribute to accentuate the problem as the next government will be compelled to resort to importing new vehicles for the next batch of elected leaders.” stated PDP President Tshering Tobgay in the letter.


Ban on import vehicles and vehicle quotas

The OL said that in light of the current economic problem, the elected government imposed a ban on import of all types of vehicles and citing the same problem, the government also discontinued the vehicle quotas for civil servants and directed the banks from giving loans for import of vehicles as a whole.

He shared that at a time when the vehicle ban and the discontinuation of vehicle quotas prevent the people from purchasing a simple family car, exercising the right to take official vehicles and compelling the next Government to import new and expensive vehicles with taxpayers’ money, is morally wrong for all elected leaders.


Excellent condition of the vehicle and can serve new leader for next five years

According to the Opposition Leader Tshering Tobgay the existing official vehicles of the elected leaders are in excellent condition and can still serve the new leaders for the next five years. He added that buying new vehicles would entail huge costs at a time when the government should be cutting down its expenditure. “I strongly believe that the elected leadership should be mindful of such exigencies,”

He added that the move is also being justified by some on the grounds that other MPs were given Nu 700,000 and a duty free import quota to buy vehicles at the beginning of the term while the Prime Minister, Ministers, Speaker, Chairman of the National Council and Opposition Leader did not receive the amount.

The former OL’s letter concluded that entitlement of the MPs is guaranteed by the Parliamentary Entitlements Act, and as such was accorded to them by the law. On the other hand, there is no legal basis for other elected leaders to take possession of their official duty vehicles, “and therefore receiving them in the name of the Golden Throne is morally wrong and is a blatant misuse of the political authority vested on us.”

The move which claimed the moral high grounds on the former OL’s part was received under skeptical eyes from the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) who interpreted it as ‘a cheap political move’ to gain political mileage.

“We are deeply saddened by the fact that the Soelra from His Majesty is being made an issue before the elections. This is a deliberate distraction that the people of Bhutan cannot afford at this juncture,” a response from the DPT stated.

The DPT response further stated that Soelra is an integral part of Bhutanese culture and a symbol of gratitude and appreciation that exists between the ruler and those serving him.

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  1. Your Excellency OL, i salute you for this commendable act even at the last hour of your service to the nation as an opposition leader. You truly care and love your country. I feel true patriotism with you after hearing this great service.

    • I salute for this grand gesture by Mr. Tshering Tobgay. The cost of some of these Prados could fund the poor schools around the country. Some schools are have not completed construction for lack of fund, and some don’t have furniture, some lack basic provisions.

      Who won’t like to own this sleek prado? Cheers to such a leader who sacrifices this gain to himself!

  2. Sangay Kuenden Drukpa

    My Dear OL,
    You are the man of word. The cost of your Prado will build more than 17 km of farm road or build a school which will improve the livelihood of citizen in countryside. Those greedy ministers and PM of DPT will suck the blood of all poor Bhutanese people if they win next election. SO I REQUEST ALL VOTERS IN UPCOMING ELECTION to be mindful of these greedy acts and vote for the right party.

    From my side, this greedy DPT is out from primary round. Lets new face run our country till 2018.

    • I appreciate OL for this too.  @sangay Kuenden Are you sure DPT is going out from primary round???? But I am sure some other party that you support is going out.. 🙂 

      • Sangay Kuenden Drukpa

        @ Rangdrel, I am sure because I am not going to vote for DPT. I know my single vote will make difference, keep away votes from my family members…

  3. Bravo Dasho 

  4. Salute to OL. May god bless you for your worthy good cause and example. we need leaders like you.

  5. Flabbergasted

    “We are deeply saddened by the fact that the Soelra from His Majesty is being made an issue before the elections.”

    – The DPT wolves are DEEPLY SADDENED that their greedy selfish intentions have been exposed.

    “This is a deliberate distraction that the people of Bhutan cannot afford at this juncture,”

    – The people of Bhutan cannot afford to give you Prados.

    • See the PM and Ministers of DPT wants to ban import of vehicles due to country’s economy status, they have even banned import of vegetables from india. But they have no ban on robbing the country’s resources from every corner they can. The land cruisers and Prado belongs to the people of Bhutan who have contributed through PIT BIT or CIT. Remember that Cars does not belong to DPT’S FATHER. 

  6. Flabbergasted

    Hon. OL, I apologize for some of my comments regarding you in some earlier articles. 

    Whether this is a political stunt or not, I don’t really care. What you have done is very commendable. You have now set some good examples for future leaders to follow. You have not just given back only ONE prado, but you have set an example for future leaders to follow, and thus may have saved this poor country of hundreds of Prados.

    Thank you for that.

    Whether you win the elections and come back or not, it should not matter. Unlike the DPT ministers, you have proved us that you are a better man, a man with principles, a man with a conscience. You have shown us that you are human and DPT has shown us they are no better than dogs.

    Wish you all the best in the elections.

    Had I been from your constituency, my vote will definitely go for you. I pray the people in your constituent are wise enough to elect the best candidate.


    DPT Ministers should be ashamed to beg the SOELRA from His Majesty. Don’t call OL’s move a cheap political gimmicks given his justification. Instead i think ministers begging Prado was a cheap and dirty move. If you all care for the country going through the economic crisis and a burden on tax payers, then give up the Prado rather than just attacking the OL.

    DPT please dont use HM’s name in your greedy and cheap attack on OL for his rightful and thoughtful action.

  8. Sangay Kuenden Drukpa

    WHAT ??? [ it as ‘a cheap political move’ to gain political mileage]. This is an act of love and care to the mother nation when it dearly needs help from every citizens. JYT all the time talking of GNH, where is the GHN for common people? GNH is only for those greedy leaders who take away public resources in the name of soelra and kidu. Soelra and Kidu is only deserved for those poor living back in the villages who are always worried about next meal. Leaders must now understand the meaning of those two words “Soelra and Kidu” Soelra means giving what you have to those who doesn’t have while Kidu means giving happiness to those who are not having anything and suffering from disease of unhappiness. In this issue ministers don’t deserve either because they own what is required . The preacher of GNH will run into the anti-GNH if doesn’t know the limit. Your wealth is your worries. I will not feel shame to receive Soelra and Kidu from ex-greedy ministers and HM but those ministers receiving Soelra and Kidu from HM should feel something.

  9. Will do rigorous campaigning for PDP this time. New parties should work together to overthrow the DPT, otherwise, the story of jelly fish eating snail would happen in Bhutan. I am sure many of the readers must have heard the story. It goes like this.

    A jelly fish ate a snail. Snail because of its cover, could stay alive inside. Because the snail had to survive, she had to eat something, so whenever she wanted to eat, she comes out and eat the jelly fish. A time came when the snail has eaten the jelly fish completely. If the DPT government is not replaced they can eat the whole nation one day..

  10. Hon. OL has the potential to usher in radical changes in our country. At least we see some hope in him. We don’t really care about his ulterior motives or any hidden agenda behind surrendering the prado back to the government so long it serves the highest good in our small society.He has shown the way, and it is up to the others to take cue from this noble action and change for better in the larger national interest. We had enough of the old self-serving leaders (Kidu culture is thoroughly abused), we want change, and this change we see in Hon. OL. My sincere appreciation to Hon. OL, we need leaders like you (lead by example) for a poor country like ours, cheers!

  11. According to the former OL’s letter His Majesty the King was requested by no other than the Prime Minister to grant the official Land Cruiser and Prados to the Prime Minister, Ministers, Speaker, Chairman of the National Council and the Leader of the Opposition as kidu or Soelray.
    Kidu- Is requested and given to those people who are in NEEDS but,not WANTS. Soelray- Is given without requesting or asking.
    The bottom line is this are states property and PM doesnt have rights. It is the property of the people who have paid the tax. Well done OL!

  12. Kidu- Is requested and given to those people who are in NEEDS but,not WANTS. Soelray- Is given without requesting or asking.
    The bottom line is this are states property and PM doesnt have rights. It is the property of the people who have paid the tax. Well done OL!

  13. Un loup dans l'habillement du mouton

    If DPT calls this act of the OL “a political stunt” they can do the same and return theirs. Their political stunt will be worth ten times more! And likewise our respects for them will multiplied further. It is far far easier to call the OL’s act a political stunt and far far difficult for the others to return their prados. Perhaps this is a new meaning to the term “Sh*t talks and money walks.”

  14. Firstly thank you Mr. OL for setting up the good example to the GNH nation. This is not the matter of honesty or political gain but the question here is setting up the good example to our future politicians. During this five year tenure all the elected members are provided handsome allowances to be able to serve better. No matter what but we the Bhutanese people should take it as positive example. In this regard the OL has proved himself not only a good politician but also a honesty towards the nation. If you think what OL did now is selfish & political gain then you are cuckoo Bhutanese. By the way, a common honest Bhutanese person will not be able to make money to buy one Prado after all his/her hard work in lifetime. So imagine in five years time you get handsome allowances plus a Prado???.
    Our government is talking about helping poor, poverty reduction, unemployment and etc.. A cost of one prado may build 5-6 good houses for poor people (GNH Index)?. Taking public property, enjoying public property will bring more frustrations to our fellow Bhutanese. All the best our fellow friends.

  15. we are indeed inspired by your act of selflessness setting the right example to follow. You walked the talk.

  16. Thank God for sending  leader like OL…We really appreciate you for understanding our problems.

  17. As symbolized by the LOGO of PDP, a horse of trade, ex-OL and his compatriot Damchoe Dorji did good horse-trading business. This is an unethical political business when the election is just around the corner. Moreover, their denial of sacred gift from the throne is rebellous in nature. It seems both OL and Damchoe were sleeping for five years. If OL is really concerned about the budgetary constraint of our country, why didn’t he oppose in the parliament when entitlement for ministers and MPs were being discussed? Why didn’t he denounce TOYOTA prado in the first place and opt for cheap Indian car which can very well run for more than 5 years? Had he done in this manner, I am sure other ministers would have given second thoughts before government purchased Prados. And people would have really thought they are true people’s representative. But then, ex-OL didn’t do it because he also knew he will receive his share too..So is with Damchoe Dorji. He should have also foregone his car allowace for the sake of nation’s economic development. But, he also didn’t do it. Didn’t their conscience prick during parliament discussions? And why on earth both of them are acting so patriotic and mindful of economic situation of our country when we are just getting ready for another round of election? It is sheer dirty politics. They should be ashamed of their deeds. People should be aware of such horse-trading business.

    • Oh oh oo. What stupidity? A man is giving back to the country 2.5 million worth Prado that he was given freely. Don’t you understand that?

    • Flabbergasted

      Political stunt or not, he has managed to sacrifice 2 million to the good of the nation. DPT ministers will not even sacrifice Nu. 100. In fact, they have been used to looting the resources of this poor country like its their own.

      If you are one of the people offended by the latest actions of the OL, you must be one of those thieves or someone associated with them.

      Bottom line is, the country has benefited in however small way by the OL’s surrendering of his vehicle. We don’t expect people to be Buddha, and denounce all their belongings and entitlements. But once in a while, its good to show that you can sacrifice something for the country unlike DPT crooks who go on exploiting every resource in the country without sacrificing even a little bit. So please spare us your stupid reasons of why they didn’t denounce their quotas, entitlements, etc.

      And don’t even start telling me how and what DPT did for the country. I as a normal citizen find life harder to live in 2013 than 2008. They did nothing to improve the life of people. They spent their 5 years harping about GNH, doing nothing to implement it.

      JYT and some ministers – Already well off. Had already received number of Prados as gifts
      OL – Isn’t as well off as those DPT ministers. This prado would have been his first, received free of cost

      JYT – Went begging to HM for the prados on behalf of himself and his ministers. Filthy rich man couldn’t sacrifice a prado. 
      OL – Declined the prado. Ordinary man had it in him to refuse an expensive car.

      So, OL good job once again!

    • Being Minister bagging kidu in this 21 century, don’t you sound strange? Their mind set still live in feudalism ere. Retarded, need to settle down all their greed, negative emotions, confused mind and their biggest rival EGO.

    • Ricktshel good name, but you are stupid. DPT have tried many thing is National Assembly to fulfill their Greed and remove clothes from poor and middle class peoples body and make them naked. We the people should thank Two former PDP Mps for their effort in fighting back with 45 DPT creatures. DPT creatures are once fixed badly by loosing first Constitutional  Case. From that Day they knew the capability,honesty and loyalty of two PDP candidates. 

  18. So sad we are so used to expecting free of everything. Its high time we learn to give back to country. Ol your deeds are indeed eye opener.

  19. On wat ground the DPT say its ‘a cheap political move’ to gain political mileage to OL? When somebody could sacrifices something special , don’t blame for that. At least appreciate it  when you cannot do that. I know DPT govt is corruted and always wanting govt things to them. instead of appreciating for OL ,they blame , so , it  clearly  shows that i feel ashame of taking prado home wen someone sacrifices. I appreciated OL for his great job. we are of eight in mi family , all votes is for you, PDP.   i regret for casting vote to DPT in 2008. hop DPT go out aftr primary round.. 

  20. Ricktsel, you are one ass hole who do not care of the nation. Surely, you must be one of the hardcore chamcha of DPT.

  21. If OL returned his vehicle purely for the people and country, i appreciate. He is great !  But why did he had to go with media people?  If it is for political mileage and to put down the other party,  OL is being Childish. 

  22. Next OL wil say no need of PF.


    Many houses n innocent people in thimphu n other parts of bhutan are robbed n attacked. My house was robbed many times, i was attaked in thimphu by drunk guys. Since cabinet is dissolved i think it would be better to provide their security to the public, since they hold no govt posts they need not fear, if they fear they can hire pvt. security firms or soelra. Never heard ministers was robbed or attacked. They sleep peacefully while we suffer.

    • Yes! now they are not in minister’s Position… they are a common people like us but I don’t remember Why they don’t give up their Kabney yet… It sucks to see then in orange.. I would be happy to see then in our line…

  24. Lets campaign for Rest of the parties, except DPT; then introduce legislation
    to make these DpT crooks to surrender public owned assets; prosecute them for corruption, confiscate all their assets, auction them like it was done for former AWP MD. 
    Shame on DpT mps and ministers.


    Security too should be stopped once tenure is over. One day thimphu will be full of orange scarfs n the whole rbp will be providing security to vips n not commoners. Many houses in thimphu are being robbed, so resources should be diverted to needy place. I dont think so anybody will dare to rob ex ministers house, if they need they can hire pvt security on their own.

  26. Ex-OL is the true son of the Palden Drukpa. His gracious act at the time of need will be welcomed by the people of Bhutan. I am sure the civil servants will inform the un-educated citizens back at home regarding the poisonous DPT ministers as they might be still covered up by the grassroot DPT coordinators. Mr. Dawa of BBS should host a talk or question answer session with the ex-DPT ministers and make the common people know the fact. This is very important for the benefit of the people, country and the king!

  27. I will vote for the most capable party, not for the one who pretends to be patriotic in the public eyes.

  28. Honestly I voted for DPT in 2008 and today I regret miserably. They won 1st election by bribing lots of people, especially at the last minute. I know this because I was one of the recipients. They had tireless journey for the last five years working for their personal benefits including land, issuing contract works to their sons and daughter and inventing the first ever deadliest economic crisis in the country.

    My dear friends, I think we should be careful in the upcoming election. I can only hope that our people do not blindly cast votes this time and elect DPT who might even beg for most secred authority from the Golden throne and destroy peace and harmony within the country.

    • Then your a sore ass, complaining after admitting that you also took the bribe, however, I don’t believe ass holes like you.

    • What do you talk here! How dare you received the bribe… U are the one who supported currupters when we here fighting for it… you should be behind bar. You will be cursed for sure….

  29. Excellency OL,110% sure you will be next PM,

  30. My humble salutations to the next in line Prime Minister! Dont question the motives here, do we question someone giving to the poor. Same thing.

  31. i don’t know why DPT is always blaming to the OL… when he is doing good & showing gud example for the future leaders…..for DPT which amounts to 82% of GDP has taken as bagging soera …. it is huge lost to poor people of Bhutan…..with that amount we can use for other developmental activities or..serve for those needy people….not the corrupted leaders  and again DPT inviting corrupt  leader from haa..former Health Secretary…see the condition again..if DPT is re-elect…..all the voter of bhutan…think twice…..b4 u vote for DPT…..don’t waste the golden vote by voting to unwanted party….thanks

  32. PDP best of luck…..OL u will be the gud leader …..

  33. East or best DPT is the best. OL is Psycho n can’t rule our country .. so get out OL

  34. well i have nothing to say regarding the returning of the prado which was granted as royal soelra or begged for kidu, the whole point is that OL has returned the prado to the interim government may be what he said has some point. The point is that the inr crisis cannot be solved by returning the prados nor will it hamper it, but on moral ground when the ol returned it he returned it saying that it is morally incorrect. what he said was right if who ever begged to His Majesty, His Majesty with his graciousness and benevolence will not reject the pleas made by a citizen of the country for His Majesty is the father of our nation.

    i dont blame the dpt much also for i dont have faith in them. 

  35. OL could be role model for our people for his noble action.

    Soelra is gift. One cannot demand gift. When someone demands gift, it is not soelra. JYT received plot at Gyalpozhing as soelra from his friend Jigme Tshultrim. When he knew it was morally wrong to accept such soelra, he voluntarily returned the plot. What he claims to be soelra is gift received by demanding. Therefore, it is morally wrong to accept such soelra. We hope JYT and his greedy colleagues will return prados, which are public property, to the government.

    In 2008 I and my extended family across the country voted for DPT. Not this time.

  36. The “diliberate distraction” is a dishormony caused by the DPT to the poeple of Bhutan being untrustworthy and greedy. It is an immemoriable distraction to the people of Bhutan in the hisotry making. Keep up DPT.

  37. John F Kennedy would have been happy to see one man in Bhutan reiterating what he had said halve a century ago. Ask not Prado from your country, ask how you can give your Prado for the service of your country. 
    By the way, the good work done by The Bhutanese is equally commendable. Keep it up , no matter what. 

  38. May His Majesty never grant solar to Tshering Tobgy for bringing disgrace to granting of solar in the name of politics.

  39. I’m leaving far away from my country. On reading this news in particular, I have applied for a leave to travel to Bhutan during two different votings; the primary and general. I know these travels would cost me dearly but I am determined to do. Let me be ruined in huge debt but the future of Bhutan stands ahead of every other important things.  I wanted to show my solidarity with PDP and in particular the former OL. Like majority of the Bhutanese electorates, I’m fed up with DPT’s smart moves over ignorant populace. We should put an end to their greed. How many Land Cruisers would JYT want? Isn’t he an Ambassador of GNH? Should one be only happy if he owns couple of expensive cars? I’m a confused man and at the same time very concerned of Bhutan’s future.
    The former OL has time and again proven that he isn’t the one that many expected him to be. Let us believe that this guy has something genuine to offer to the people of Bhutan. Lets try it out.  Even if he falls short of our expectations, for sure, he shall not seek for Prados and Land Cruisers for the cabinet ministers as Soera. The nation can save  so much which could be spent on other pressing development activities.

    • Before I used to be one of the reckless ambassadors of GNH. Now, after seeing all the double standards of the man who promulgated this noble philosophy, I am rather ashamed, and have decided to provide no comments to anyone who seeks my views on GNH. JYT is no longer fit to be the ambassador of GNH. Rather, he will make a mockery of it and foreigners who now read such stories about him will also make fun of him and the concept. As such, from hereon, he will only do so much injustice to this revolutionising concept. 

  40. OL’s recent action of returning the govt duty Prado was commendable and goes to show the country of GNH is not lacking in leadership – at least in quality. 

    It clearly shows the time for CHANGE in leadership has arrived.1998 to 2012 is a very long time for any person to have stayed in power. Now only change can can bring hope to any further progress. If you don’t accept change now it may be too late.

  41. I have 18 members in my family and can influence over 100. All vote goes to PDP.

  42. This is a very selfless and noble gesture, I know DPT will say this is a cheap political stint, but I respect this decision and you have my vote for sure.

    DPT govt. hasn’t fullfilled its promises all over the country saying lack of fund and resources, yet they have cunning tricked His Majesty with this kidu which they don’t deserve. This is pure shame and greed and lack of respect for HM and we, the bhutanese people.

  43. OL ‘s action is gud bt i doubt he will make great leader. Y do u think most PDP candidates join DNT because of OL didnt hav leadership quality. He also doesn’t have roadmap for nation. He has no vision. In course of his opposition, i asked what is alternative solution and he doesn’t have none.

    There is difference between good human being and great leader. He may be good human being but not great leader….

  44. Lets us all vote and give a chance to our OL to be become the next PM. I believe we will really some change for good.

    Honestly speaking, Bhutan Kuengyam Party can be the other good alternative for Opposition party because I can genuinely see some seriousness in the president. He has really sacrificed for long and he one guy who is really committed. I don’t know him personally but I could understand from the way he talks. 

  45. common i have seen our dpt minister collecting bags of rice from the rural poor in samdrup jonkhar without paying a penny.the sector head was asked to adjust the bill for him!!! So how can we expect our greedy ministers to return prados when they are not willing to pay for a bag of rice?!!!
    i regret voting for dpt in 2008.OL- you won my respect and trust.you are a true ,selfless leader!keep it up!…

  46. In the name of soelra , lot of people have taken advantage of  His Majesty’s kindness. This has been going on for a long time. Most of the people who got Prado solera have land in prime locations in Thimphu and other towns are given as soelra by K5 after HM was approached for soelra. Whatever it is, it takes a big heart to give up a Prado. We are proud of you Ex OL !!!!

  47. May OL never receive any solar from the throne in his future. His Majesty will never blindly grant solras. There is a reason for every good action. Bhutan will not elect its leader for the sake of few millions.

  48. We don’t know and don’t care whether OL returning his duty vehicle is ” a deliberate distraction that the people of Bhutan cannot afford at this juncture,” ” As long as the act is helpful for Bhutan, we are very happy with it. I would be happpy if the DPT Ministers also distract us by returning all their Prados to the government so that the government exchequer would be spared millions of ngultrum to built other important infrastructures in the country. Whehter it’s to gain political mileage or not, I am very happy with OL’s gesture. We respect such gestures from our leaders. Thank you, OL.

  49. Looking at Bhutanomics analysis and Vech collected by some Ministers, do these people needs so many vech. such greed ! shame on DPT to talk on GNH, you made this country to stand so low, You people have degraded the value of soilra, Royals.You can rather follow OL’s footsteps rather than telling cheap political mileage. You do and say to others. Why are so much hungry for landcruiser , you all have enough from previous terms. This sets and rules and example to future secretaries and Ministers, no one will dare to ask kidu from HM. I am sure HM is not practising post retirment benifits to make few DPT ministers happy, it does not require ! the service to nation you claim is almost Zero. The Rupee crisis, unemployement, corruptions will boot you out in this coming elections.So humble OL efforts must be respected and seen from larger view, when country is going through such economics trouble. Its an example for every one to import fancy and expensive cars, that this not the time to make country even poor. DPT will be seen as taken advantage of golden office of HM, If JYT and teams don’t return all the properties taken after 2008 elections. I think and hopo, no one will question double lane road to JYT home in JYT ling as of now ! I f there was strong RAA and ACC to probe, I am sure matters would have been different.

  50. OL disgracefully refused HM’s gift. In future also he will never obey to commands of Kings and Royal family members.

    • Although HM could not refuse the request for soelra when it is asked by no other than JYT, deep within in the minds of our beloved kings they must be appreciating this conscientious move by the OL. I don’t think OL will revolt against king. Such ideas are nonsense coming from the greed-tainted minds of DPT candidates and supporters. In fact, from the looks of it, any DPT supporter or candidate has much more chances of being disrespectful to our beloved kings. DPT is a dangerous party. We should give PDP or any other party a chance this time.

  51. Dear Bhutanese people,
    What ever you say and write, i have 50 eligible voters and for that reason only we have decided to vote for PDP. I am really deprived of what i come to know behind scene about our great Loyenchen. I have found him in medias, he even don’t  except faults even if he is fully wrong just that he is a good orator. People of Bhutan please be careful that our Prime Minister has got capacity to make right things wrong and wrong things right. By age, by time and by everything lets vote for OL.

      OL’ all the Best for next Govt.


  52. 1. If OL really cared for the country and the people-why did he accept Prado as his duty vehicle in the first place. He should have asked for a Maruti Van or Alto car. He has returned the Prado for publicity and his agenda could be he will encash millions of what he sacrefice now i.e. Old Model Prado( May be accidented one)

    • Which planet r u from? Doesn’t u see the praiseworthy deed by OL. He is following GNH in action, unlike DPT’s lip services. Its sounds crazy in this planet, when things used in the office become private.

    • There are young Bhutanese who got Govt. scholarship, but half scholarship!! and they are facing trouble to find another half the cost!! why? because lack of fund in the MoE (Govt.). I am sure with the cost of one 2nd hand Prado will be able to support at least 20 bright Bhutanese students to cover their half cost. So please think on the name of yours Lhaksam Nam dha ghi thoglay!!

  53. It is so sad that about 4600 of our children who could not get to study their class XI in the year 2013 as government could not increase intake due to lack of funds to construct enough infrastructure. How many of those innocient life had been spoiled as their loving parents have no resources to support them. what has been done to solve this problem. Instead of creating oppertunities to this kids our govt. is just making excuses. This taking away of prados will again increase the no. of students geting chance to further their study. I am sure some people wants them and their family to be the only leader and rich and does not want others to take their place.

  54. @Sansan
    Are you sure those students could not continue their Class-XI due to lack of funds. As per my little understanding, they may not have scored the required marks to qualify for the scholarship. Anyway, you may have different ideas!

  55. GNH country is all about our leaders, unlike our monarchs, putting their self interest above the country’s.

    Coming to think of it now even the whole exercise of securing a seat in the UNSC may have had a similar motive.

  56. @Kuzin
    I am from Earth, do you belong to Venus? Do you also have OL, GNH and Prado in Venus?

  57. Hon.OL, though i was never a PDP supporter ,yet you have proved time and again that  you are truly  a real son of Peldan Drukpa , I pray and wish you & your team a very success election 2013. Whether all votes for you or not but 100% my single vote is all for you. Honesty is always rewarded at the end and a big thumbs up for you success.Long live our King , long live my country and may god bless you,OL.

  58. Hon.OL, a great thumbs up to you or in short appreciated  a lot

  59. I feel so sorry that the token of appreciation which came from the sacred throne has been discarded. If OL was really mindful about the economic situation, he should have opposed the members of parliament while discussing about the allotment of Nu.7, 00,000 way back in 2008. So how we bear the pain of seeing the ministers particularly the new ones resigning without a car while the MPs have it. However, the situation would have been much better if the prados were given exclusively to the new ministers only….

    • Yes you are correct Mr. Blessed Life. Govt. gave away Nu. 42,000,000/- to 60 MPs (Nu.700,000/-*60 Mps=42,000,000/-). It is a huge money. It was all converted into RUPEE and USD. The MPs were also given one Duty Free Import License which most them sold for Nu.200,000/-and above.
      Then OL did not raise any issue because he had solid five years to relax and earn his lifelihood.
      At the end of the term he refused to take that old and outdated Prado when gifted by HM to garner votes and win peoples’ hearts for the 2013 election. There is a real big agenda behind. How can he fool or take people on ride.

  60. Ricktsel may find this not useful but could be worth reflecting on it.

    Hon’ble Lyonchen, we request you to return Prados and Land Cruisers, people are both sad and angry. It is better late than never. Even if you have thousand reasons, there is no justification for our Lyonchen and Ministers of Druk Prado Tshogpa (DPT) to hold onto public properties. It will be very disgraceful and embarrassing when the external agencies ask you to surrender them. As smart and intelligent Lyonchen always, surrender them before you feel more embarrassed. We are requesting LJYT that there is growing concern on this Prado issues and may escalate to more other complex issues. Lyonchen can solve this early when things are not going out of hand. We decided we will not give up on this, if LJYT decided not to surrender them, things will become very embarrassing for our LJYT, LJYT must be able to predict by now. We have said same things to OL and he has now surrendered it.
    This is our humble request to LJYT to reconsider your action, we as human being, we all make mistake. Yes, even after surrendering the Prados, you will be criticised but we think the damage control will be much effective and things would be contained by then. If you have decided to stick to your decision to not to return the public properties, you may be rather compelled to do so by your own friends in the international communities which will not only be very embarrassing but by then your reputation will be tainted and your friends in the international communities will not view the on going controversies positively. It is still in your hand and we are sure LJYT need to maintain the dignity and credibility instead of stooping too low and becoming so cheap and greedy, we hope those Prados and Land Cruisers will be returned to interim government as soon as possible.

  61. Very Very Very big blunder by DPT at the end of their tenure. They have really upset lot of educated people in Bhutan due to their selfishness.
    They forgot that they came to power due to educated lot in 2008, with the same reason PDP was accused of. It seems history is repeating again.

  62. I have now come to realize that GNH according to the preachers of the concept is an elitist concept that doesn’t have any grassroot touch and meaning. GNH now seems to be realistic for a few ruling people who can accumulate material wealth at the cost of the nation’s economy. Anyone who, out of genuine concern for the general welfare of the mass, shows a stunt of sacrifice is an opponent of GNH. 

    What is GNH for a poor farmer who cannot even afford to have three meals in a day? What is GNH for a poor civil servant who can barely make a basic living out of his salary? 
    Where is GNH (equitable development) when rich are becoming richer and poor poorer? 

    Please help me define GNH, because the way things are happening are completely different from the way it is taught. 

  63. One of the main reasons why OL returned the Prado car to the government is that the Vehicle was invovled in heavy accident. So it was worthless, and he thought he might as well make a political stunt to gain some mileage. Thus he succeeeded in creating controversies.

  64. I am deeply saddened to know that the so called educated citizens are taken for ride at face value. For me, giving back the used Prado to the government does not necessarily mean a good move at least for the sake of future of the country. The constitutional posts are not something that one should play with whimsically to earn short-lived gains. To the extent possible, the constitutional posts should be made attractive by means of financial or material incentives in order to attract capable leaderships. OL’s move amounts to severing people of rightful leaderships in future. Unless we have the Jangchubsem people like OL, going by the reality of how it exists, I don’t think capable leaders would come forward to take the seats.   
    While MPs are given vehicle allowance of Nu. 700,000 per term including SUV Import quota and enjoy the ownership from the day one, I find no reason why shouldn’t the ministers, who are more deserving in terms of status and responsibilities,  be given the option to take away the used Prado at least in equal terms. Sometimes it is necessary to see beyond materials means for the greater cause of the country. 

  65. Prime Minister (Druk Prado Tshogpa) please think for the needy nation instead of you and your follower (minister).why cant you return the Prado in which OL happily deed the same.it show that you have works to 5 years terms for Prado not for needy people m i rite (druk Prado Tshogpa).we have some hope on you and voted for you before to do something good to the people and as a whole nation,but at last u rob the nation and went back happily with Prado.try to lean something from OL OK druk prado tshngpa.

  66. Young Patriot

    Salute OL with heart and soul. I swear in the name of god that DPT has powerful and influential candidate who are capstone of development BUT they harm more that do good. They have crippled Bhutanese society, economy, youth, system, values, and even undermined the king. I cry in the name of humanity that DPT is dangerous and they should be out of parliament. 
    Despite several cases and tangible evidences of allegation, they don’t give shit to any check and balance. The have undermined the institution of democracy- especially the Opposition Party. They have undermined and abused Media. The have hold onto corruption. They have displayed the peak of selfishness and greed. They have displayed Tyranny. They have undermined Rule of Law. They have mislead the citizens in the name of god and Tsa- Wa Sum. I am fuming when I remember how I supported DPT in 2008. Now, with rage, I will put my soul to deter DPT in whatever small ways I can. So, as a young and concerned citizen, I earnestly request every one not to vote for DPT. This is the only way, this is the only right we resort to. So, wake up folks. Wake up for your nation. Wake up for your sons and daughters. Wake up for future generations. This is the Judgement day and final call- a total recall to reflect on DPT’s blunders. This is 2013. This is now. So, when you go to polls, at least, be mindful for a day, and be firm and do not vote for them. There are plurality of parties which you can choose. Chose any one of them, even if the are not credible and potential At least they won’t harm. We have institutions that can held them accountable. Whereas if DPT gets elected once again, they will prove to be mightier and invincible. They will easily loot our country like what they did before.  

  67. Now it is time for Damcho Dorji to return his Nu.700000 or he shared Nu.350000 to OL. Not much time left for pry round. If he does now then at least it may help to obtain little more votes unlike 2008. 

    Please do something differently to gain faith and trust of our people. Please stop seeking help from media like thebhutanese’s to expose DPT’s mistake rather do something better as a long term solution. The current practice will not help you and even for the country for long term perspective. 

  68. DPT wanted to create a society where there will be only high and low class community so that they can enjoy superioty all the time. Please remember that in a developing country if there is no middle class there will not b development takin place. DPT has established themself as elite citizens wher all family members of their ministers owns multi million properities and other assests through deception and mall practices. So now they are puting their selfishness into properties of tax payers in the name of SOILRA….wow …..really dont know where we are heading.

  69. I have watched DPT’s move ever since it came to power in 2008. I have now come to conclusion after it left its office that this party is all about thobthang and rangdoen. This party has not made any law that benefits the common citizens, an example of which would have been the most aspired Tenancy Act. This party has aptly earned several acronyms, “Druk Prado Tshogpa”, “Druk Pretentious Tshogpa”, “Draconian People Tshogpa”, “Druk Patang Tshogpa” etc……….

    I am made to think that this party has set precedence in taking politics as a business and an opportunity to become rich. Some of the MPs didn’t even own a motorbike before joining the party, and now, they have excavators, landcruisers, and lands in prime areas. 

    Specifically, I will talk about the MP from my constituency. This chap didn’t even bother to visit my village, which is the remotest in the Dzongkhag and which provided the bulk of votes to him, even once after he was elected. He has not talked about any issue concerning my geog in the parliament. Infact, I didn’t see him speak even once in any of the NA session. So, this time, he doesn’t have a single vote from my village which has a vote bank of 300 eligible voters. 

    Similarly, there will be many people rethinking about whether to vote for this party. 

  70. @coolbody
    you were Opposition Leader?. No doubt you are acting like one!

    • Yes, I belong to the group of people who would do everything possible to make sure that you and your greedy lots don’t come to power this time. 

      • Very dangerious guy, he might even attempt massacre. Should alert the relevant agency!

        • You and your types have already massacred the economy of Bhutan. Poor rural folks are suffering immensely because of people like you. Check yourself before you point the dirt on others. 

  71. In my dream yesterday night I met OL walking from Taba with a Walk for Health Ruksack towards Thimphu. I bowed before him and enquired as to whats up? As usual he smiled and said ” I am going to Thimphu” He told me that since he surrendered his Prado, he does not own any personal car. He regreted having surrendered his Prado. THen I woke up suddenly1

  72. All I can say is it’s now time for CHANGE. With d X ministers or so called our leaders for last almost 20 years asking kidu – Prado, police security even during campaign, refusing to remove their orange scarf and taking home all their office equipments they surely don’t deserve to be elected back. In any democracy such leaders would face the firing squad. Here they think Bhutanese are fools and can be taken for a ride. Let us defy them and vote wisely. Their letter issued in response to OL returning his Prado was the most disgusting letter I ever read. I have lost all my respect for them. After having served so many years under our beloved kings and having received so many Soelras (so tempted to list them all) still their greed isn’t satisfied. If given the chance now I have no doubt they may even want the kingdom. Damn SCARY man. We got to beware. Only people looking the other way are the ones who have gained something from them. Last 5 years corruption and nepotism have been rampant.


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