Opposition party champions the Education City project

The Opposition party in a press conference on Thursday claimed that if the Education city was established, it would solve various issues like out flow of money, unemployment and provide quality of education.

MP Kinga Tshering said that the main aim of Education city is to provide territory education. He said that every year 6000 to 7000 students were moving outside to study due to lack of colleges and schools in Bhutan. He said this resulted in huge outflows but the project once established would solve not only this issue but also generate employment.

MP Yeshey Zimba said the Education city was planned in 2007 and 2008 and the site was chosen as it was near the highway and airport. He said the project was discussed and a Detail Project Report (DPR) was prepared including an advisory body with members from India, Japan, Singapore and Thailand who all thought the project would be helpful to Bhutan.

He said that the project was tendered out and finally they could get some investors from India.

“From my view this project will help the country and the people, because to develop our country we have to increase our human resource and give quality of education, “said the MP.

He said that when they started the project they it was not illegal and when they discussed it with the National Assembly and National Council they had not stopped it as it was not illegal. “So we do not have doubt that it was legal and as law makers we should not do anything illegal,” he said

He said that the decision to continue this work or not is in the hand of the government but this project was very important and if this project was discontinued than Bhutan would have lost a big opportunity.

MP Zangley Drukpa said, “Who is going to come and invest in a small country like ours. There are three

advantages such as teaching based on GNH education, Environment, security and stability. When I was the principal at Sherubtse College, students from Guwahati and Assam were requesting to study in Bhutan. He also said that Education City would improve the quality of Education.” This was all said a day before the PM officially announced the closure of the project on legal grounds with a possible investigation into the project.

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