Opposition Party critiques govt on private schools

As the government decision on cut off point has caused an impact on the private schools, the Opposition Party, demanded for the government to give a clear direction on the future of the private schools.

DPT stated that the government’s cut off policy is a historic mess as it has ruined private schools. It states that it is deeply concerned about the state of private schools. The government’s decision to have no cut off point for Class X passed students has caused devastating impact on private schools.

The press release said, “With the government’s cut off policy a couple of private school owners have offered to surrender their schools to the government and many more are likely to follow suit. Will the Government take them over?”

The Opposition said that due to the farsighted education policy of His Majesty the Kings, and the past successive governments over the last three decades, the private schools grew steadily assuming shared responsibilities to build the nation, by providing quality education to the children. The private education sector evolved to become an important institution for the social and economic development. The Opposition says, the very action of the incumbent government has destroyed the very foundation and future of private schools.

The Opposition pointed out that there was complete lack of transparency in the allocation and admission procedures of students. Even the government’s fee structure was much lower than the existing fee structure agreed between the Ministry of Education (MOE) and private schools.

Further, it states that the government has breached several resolutions on student admission and fee structure agreed between the government and private schools. It also caused a lot of other legal and policy confusions.

The Opposition believes that the government must promote and support a vibrant dual public- private education system, especially with the new academic session to begin soon.

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