Opposition says reinstate secretaries while Govt says don’t politicize issue

The Opposition party has called on the government to reinstate the three surrendered government secretaries while the RCSC carries out an investigation, effectively adding a political twist to a bureaucratic drama so far.

It has also accused the government of not following due process and surrendering the secretaries in a humiliating manner without giving an opportunity to defend themselves. The Opposition has also questioned if the government has the authority to dismiss secretaries who are appointed by His Majesty the King.

The government in response has said that the due process that the Opposition Party referred to in their press release has been duly followed in keeping with the provisions of the Constitution, the Civil Service Act, the BCSR and other legal instruments.

The Opposition has also questioned if the government has considered that the three Secretaries have distinguished service records with two of them awarded Red Scarves.

The government on its part said that it would like to reiterate that its decision was reached after carefully and thoroughly considering all the facts of the case. The government said that the points the Opposition Party has raised have all been adequately considered in the Lhengye Zhungtshog.

The Opposition in its release said that the Government decision has sent a shock wave of fear and a sense of helplessness and insecurity, particularly among the senior officers who will now construe that their positions are vulnerable to mere political whims.

“The security and the self respect that are vital for confidence of civil servants to perform has been shaken to the roots. The Civil Service, which enjoyed the reputation of being among the very best in the region and accorded recognition by His Majesty the King with medals and certificates, is now confused and in fear,” alleged the Opposition.

The government in its release said that it is very concerned that the Opposition Party has chosen to incite fear in the civil service instead of providing constructive views. It said that the sanctity of the civil service is protected by the Constitution, the Civil Service Act and BCSR and more importantly, this sanctity is guaranteed by none other than His Majesty the King. “We appeal to the Opposition Party to refrain from sowing discord and inciting fear in our civil service,” said the government release.

The Opposition urged the RCSC to ensure justice keeping the interest of the nation in mind. “If this wrongful act is not reversed, the Prime Ministers and Cabinets in future will cite this as precedence to appoint and dismiss not only senior civil servants but also the commissioners of the Constitutional post holders,” said the Opposition.

The Opposition also urged the RCSC to call upon the government to explain how the letter written to the Indian Ambassador has affected or could affect our bilateral relations.

Meanwhile the government said that it strongly objects to the Opposition Party’s attempt to mislead the public into believing that the surrender of the Secretaries was politically motivated.

“Having handed over the case to RCSC, we have full faith that the Commission will discharge its responsibilities diligently, without fear or favor, and keeping the larger interest of the country and the people in mind,” said the government.

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