Tenzin Thomey (Photo Courtesy: Loselling MSS)

Ordinary Bhutanese come together to collect Nu 5 mn to save Tenzin Thomey

The Loselling Middle Secondary School (LMSS) stood firm and united to save the life of one of its students, Tenzin Thomey, by raising funds of Nu 5 million required for his medical treatment. With each passing day, Tenzin’s health is deteriorating, and if left without treatment, he could die.

Tenzin Thomey is a fourteen-year-old boy studying in class VIII. He had been diagnosed with a very rare disease called ‘Fanconi Anemia’ in 2018 and the only curative treatment is bone marrow transplantation.

The cost of transplantation, as per the Tata Medical Center in Kolkata, is approximately Nu 3.5 million. His father, Kencho Tshering (40), currently serving as a driver had tried all means to seek help since 2018, but all went in vain.

The officiating Vice Principal of LMSS, Pema Dorji, said when Tenzin Thomey was diagnosed with the rare disease in 2018, the school could not help much in the beginning, but as the time passed by, his class teachers noticed that his health was deteriorating. The class teacher immediately paid a visit to his home, only to find out that the boy was bedridden. Though not able to stand firmly, Tenzin pretended to be strong to console his humble and helpless parents.

With Tenzin’s health deteriorating each passing day, the school management took up the initiative to seek donations for the child, and to their surprise, within just two days, they could collect the Nu 5 million.

The initial target was Nu 3.5 mn but after contacting the hospital in Kolkata and the Consulate General in Kolkata, they came to know that the cost has increased. The targeted amount increased from Nu 3.5 million to Nu 5 million. The school principal said they calculated the expenses of medical treatment and not the other expenses.

Currently, Tenzin is continuing his classes, like all other students in the school. The principal also thanked all the Bhutanese in the country and abroad for generously donating for Tenzin’s medical treatment cost.

Tenzin is the 3rd child amongst five siblings, and he is the shining star of his parents since he used to top his examinations in his primary years.

He still remains in the top ten position academically despite his deteriorating health condition. According to his family and teachers, Tenzin Thomey is humble, honest, well-disciplined and a very studious young boy.

The school also offered its thanks to the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs for making an exception in Tenzin’s case, and granting the approval to raise funds from the public on a voluntary basis.

The father of Tenzin Thomey said due to the pandemic, he could not seek help from anywhere, and finally with the help from the LMSS, he could get the fund for his son’s treatment.

“I was worried that I could never manage such a huge amount for my son’s treatment,” said the father.

He said his son is well aware about his health condition, but still manages to stay happy. He said they are thankful and grateful for the generous contribution made by the people.

The family is waiting for the national referral hospital to advise when to take Tenzin out for his treatment.

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