Orientation 2012 records highest number of graduates

The RTC Orientation this year. Photo courtesy: Sherpem Sherpa

Yearly, there has been a steady rise in the number of graduates who enter the job market. And this year, the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources (MoLHR) has already recorded 3075 graduates who registered online for the National Graduate Orientation Program.
Last year of the 2000 registered number of graduates, 1700 attended the National Graduates Orientation Program (NGOP).
This time the number is almost double of what the program registered last year. However, among the lot only 2300 graduates had filed in complete information.
Nevertheless, the ministry has started works on verification of the graduates’ documents.
“It will take about a week and then we will be able to confirm how many of them will be allowed to sit for the orientation program,” said the Statistician from the Department of Employment, Ugyen Tenzin.
As usual, majority of the degree holders are General Arts students and according to the ministry this time round, many in-service candidates have also registered.
The NGOP briefing will be held on 9th August and the orientation will commence from 13 till 18 August.
The NGOP will be housing the graduates in two halls, the YDF hall and the Taekwondo hall located at the old swimming pool complex.
Now with the increase of the graduates annually, the timeframe of the orientation programs have been drastically reduced.
Back in 2001, the duration for the orientation program lasted for a month, and in 2004, it was reduced to two weeks and this time the program will last for a week.
However, Ugyen Tenzin said that the essence of the program was not lost; instead the department has made the programs compact and effective.
Last year, about Nu 4mn had been spent on the NGOP and that has been about the same average cost in the past years. This cost is inclusive of catering charges, hall charges, transportation, and logistics.
A rumor has been rife that this year, the graduates will have to sit for a preliminary examination. to attend the program.
The Ministry said it’s untrue.

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  1. what about those students that could not register online?

  2. thank god, we don’t have to write any preliminary exam.i was worried thinking that if i don’t get through then what will happen.i spend so much money for traveling just to attend the orientation since i couldn’t attend before.

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