Out-door gym well received in Shedra

Monks of the Lekshey Juney Shedra in Punakha say that the recently installed open-air gym is helping them lead more healthy and physically active lifestyles.

For Lopen Namgay Dorji, 60, the facility has proved a good remedy to control his Blood Pressure (BP). For him, regular exercise at the out-door gym begins at 6 am for 30 minutes since the gym was established at the shedra three years ago.

He said the frequency of his visit to the national referral hospital has come down to once every three months from once a month because of the change in lifestyle. “Having an open-air gym also gives a decent image towards monastic community,” he added.

Other monks like Chencho Dorji spends 30 minutes working out every evening after meals.

Norbu Chencho who is a jaundice patient goes to the gym twice every evening after meal and after the night study. “The daily routine is helping me both physically and mentally,” he said.

The monks make use of the facility mostly during the evenings after meals. With more than 100 monks in the shedra, the monks set their own time so at they need not wait.

The health minister Tandin Wangchuk said the use of the facility depends on location and timing. He also said such facility in the monastic community should prove to be a great benefit considering the nature of diet consumption.

The monks are now looking forward to having an indoor gym to continue exercising even during rainy, hot and windy weather.

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