Outgoing Chairman of National Council says he will probably join DPT


The incumbent National Council Chairman, Namgay Penjore said that he would “probably join the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT)” in an exclusive interview with The Bhutanese.

The NC Chairperson, who will be formally leaving his office on 28th April, has made it clear that he will be joining the National Assembly only after the end of his tenure.

He said, “I am from an apolitical institution and I cannot go to the people and talk of politics, but the supporters from my constituency have approached me, and since most of them happen to be in the DPT, I will probably join the DPT.”

This statement by the NC Chairperson brings to rest, the months of speculation among people and in the media, of the NC Chairperson joining DPT.

The Chairperson, however, clarified that he will make a formal announcement a day after he leaves office on 29th April, and as of now he would not formally commit to any party.

Referring to his entry into National Assembly politics he said, “I would like to remain within the system and give a choice to the people of Punakha.”

He also added that apart from DPT, two other political parties have approached him, but they were only exploratory moves from them.

The NC Chairperson showed political acumen from the very beginning when he managed to dislodge the consensus candidature of the eminent member, Dasho Karma Ura in 2008 to secure the NC Chairperson post.

The Thrizin said that in the last five years as Chairman of the National Council, he has learnt a lot. He said the major achievement would be in setting a lot of precedents in the process of putting in place a parliamentary system.

“One major achievement was the NC to be able to play a check and balance role on the National Assembly and the Executive. In other Parliaments, the ministers are present there so ministers from the lower house do not come for question and answer sessions. In Bhutan’s case, and with great difficulty, the NC could successfully get the ministers to come for the question and answer sessions,” said the Chairman.

Talking about his future transition, the NC Chairman said that in his tenure, the focus was mainly on legislation and on check and balance, but in the NA he would be focusing more on developmental activities, where he can promise such activities to his people. He said that he would also be more in touch with the people.

The NC Chairperson said that his NA constituency is the Kabji Talo constituency. The constituency was previously held by the former DPT MP Tshering Penjore before the NA was dissolved on 20th April 2013.

There are speculations in political camps that a major figure like the NC Thrizin joining DPT would either mean, a ministerial portfolio for him or even the NA Speaker’s post, if the current speaker is unable to take part in the general elections.

He said, “I would appreciate the speculation if they see some ability in me, but it is entirely left to the people of my constituency.”

The outgoing NC Chairperson also wished the winners of the NC elections from the 20 Dzongkhags and also the other candidates who could not make it. He said, “I would like to wish all the best to all the 20 MPs who have been elected, and also to the rest of the 47 for showing interest and giving choice to the people.”



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  1. Another safe player … 

  2. Another crap here, when people respected him with his post he didnt knew the real respect where he got it from. He has decided to Join DPT long time back, soon after his decision to join politic that also DPT the charm and workman ship in the National Council is not as good as it use to be. Let us see how he will do here after.

  3. Welcome NC chairman to DPT family. You will be the next speaker because you have been an excellent NC chair. Trashi Delek to you and all the best wishes hereafter.

  4. people of Punakha expect him to run again as NC or join a new party or PDP but this respected man who is suppose to be neutral was already playing safe politics which became clear from media report. Is he concerned about winning only? Does he think by joining DPT is he promoting democracy? People should decide his fate appropriately.

    • Wisdom, now, please tell me why he should have joined another party.

    • Please remember that politics is everything about winning, people rarely remember the person who comes in second. 

      • Good,
         To me he should have lead a new party. If winning is the only goal then I do not argue further. But if democracy and future of our nation is more important then he should have join other parties since DPT already has a group of old experienced Ministers.New parties were have leadership credibility problem due to absence of credible face. Also we can see power gap already. Also if one party keeps winning then we may see autocracy, corruption and deepening of gap between rich and poor. He is creating more perception gap in power. Anyway, final decision is his but we can share our opinion. No offense to you, in fact I have started loving you in recent days.

        • Haha Wisdom, now why would anyone join politics if they are not sure of winning. And for him DPT was the party that appealed to him, I am sure he must of gotten offers from all the other parties to join them. And don’t worry I love you too. Cheers.

        • Amidst edgy exchanges…i like Wisdom and Good’s exchange of affection for each other in your last lines…sarcastic, condescending and funny. LoL

  5. Whichever party he joins, it’s his will and wish. He is a great replacement for the former MP of that constituency.

  6. Great! good to know, he is joining,must be thinking DPT will win, chances EVM might be re-programmed this time as well with less margin, if not DPT will not win . This is a bet !

    • I heard from someone on this issue, but could hardly believe him. Can you explain more on this. it is intriguing.

  7. Who wants to ride a drowning boat or dying horses?

    • be fair with your words….what if you are a dpt supporter? we are Bhutanese and must learn to live side by side with mutual respect. There are people who support scared crane or the kicking horse or lazy duck or seasonal flower etc.

  8. Is it only democracy if NC chairperson joins PDP or new parties? what a jock. To me democracy mean choices and it is his choice that matters, not ours. We have our right and that is a single vote to cast to whom you think is your choice. 

  9. He was active DPT supporter right from the beginning and now he is claiming his well deserved reward. The DPT is happy that the present Tshogpon cannot run as we hear he was some sort of thorn in the backside of JYT. So, the next Speakers post will be reserved for Namgay Penjore. 
    I wonder if people have done some background check on the former NC chairman. I hear that he used to work for Tashi as a manager for the BOD. The late Dasho Rimpoche in his wisdom chose not to press charges for reasons best known to him and just asked him to resign. We also hear of him being dishonest when it comes to matters of finance in other areas where he worked.
    Just some feed back in case people are interested. I have no strong views about the man and if people of Punakha wants him they should have him.

    • words are already making round in the town that it is the plan of the party to throw away the former speaker. is it true? was he a threat to JYT?

    • Haha, what a cheapo, all this while you kept silent about former NC Chariman’s past, now that he has joined DPT, it is suddenly an issue for you, come on wake up, don’t play cheap politics.

  10. Whoever joins DPT, the readers will always have complains to make. But, we must all remember that all others who are other parties are equally greedy, corrupted and boastful. After all, all are human beings who have desires, ignorance and greed.

    • Palden Drukpa

      Response; Rightly pointed out. I can see a group of people always with negative attitude, which reveals their own characters. These people will always keep on searching edges on egg, not realizing their own way of desire, greed and ignorance.  I will guarantee that this group of people will have same  words to  the Government whoever win in next election.

    • join them ? let us encourage good la.

  11. With democracy we need to know, understand and then have trust and confidence in our elected leaders. No matter how much dirt is covered on gold, it keep glowing even more. However, we also need to see the filth before before covering our noses from the stench and its destructive qualities. When people join politics they should understand that they are no longer private individuals but in the public domain. So, better have the quality of gold rather than the fith of dirt because, eventually, it will be found out.
    I agree that comments that are vindictative in nature ought to be avoided, but not to comment is not a good option. If Namgay Penjore stole from Tashi, and it is the truth, then, people who are electing him should have the right to know. After all truth always catches up and leapords never change their spots. Who knows what will happen if he becomes the next Finance Minister.

  12. Joining DPT is the best decision. Our country need leaders like him inorder to keep Bhutan strong. Truth to be told, some people cannot really accept the fact that other people are doing so much better than them.
    Thank you for your hardwork towards our country. Go NC chair! There are still some more productive works to do for the country. 
    Remember that we are with you, always 🙂

  13. Heart core DPT

    DPT won 45 out of 47 in 2008.. that was landslide but in 2013 they will win 47 out of 47 which would be sunamic victory….Other remaining will be thrashed out… OL threatened democracy by putting a resignation letter in 2008…this time…he will cry like a kid….

  14. Nothing new about the news. This was known to everyone long before.

     Even the former health secretay joining DPT was obvious since the time he resigned. Otherwise how did the RCSC let him off so easily amidst corruption scam charges in the MoH.

  15. It is just that true colours r comming out. We human beings r dangerous animals with venoms. Be careful voters this time. These so called leaders r prepared to use u in a manner they want. Who r they ? They do not exist without u and u should determine their fate rather than they do 4 u. One should never let other people take your decision and u should remain all the time independent in taking decision.

  16. Hey, hard core dpt,do you wish dictatorship in our country. I can assure you that you will become a victim and only then will you realize that fanaticism does not pay.

  17. @USA
    Things will look yeoolw to jaundiced eyes. You are hardcore and you visualize others as hardcore. Only thief catches thief. This is fact of the universe!

  18. I sincerely feel that allowing runnung NC member to recontest is not healthy for democracy. It only disrupts new aspiring candidates in joining the fray.

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