Over 70 students infected with flu in Trashidingkha MSS: Punakha

More than 70 students of Trashidingkha Middle Secondary School (MSS) under Punakha are ill with the flu since May 3. The number of students suffering from fever, cough and cold has been on the increase since then.

From the initial 26 cases, it has now crossed over 78 cases and the spread of the flu virus has not been contained. The number is expected to increase to over 100 plus cases. The 3 serious cases are under hospital care.

A health team is reviewing the case with follow-up being done in the school from time to time. The rapid test conducted on samples taken from the school tested positive for Influenza A virus. More tests are being done at the public health laboratory in Thimphu to confirm the type of Influenza A virus.

Meanwhile, symptomatic treatments are being given to the students.

Talking to the Principal of the school, Udai N Bhattarai said the school informed doctors and health officials on May 6 as the number of cases went on increasing.

However, Bhattarai said the matter is not alarming since flu is not life threatening.

“Some (students) are keeping fine, healthy ones have recovered and some are recovering while three students are little severe than the others, the ones with low immunity,” he said.

The Principal has directed those who are still unwell to take leave until they recover so as to prevent the transmission of flu virus to other students. However, most of the students are now recovering and are able to attend their classes.

As a preventive measure, the sick students have been kept in separate rooms as the chance of transmission of flu virus is seen high among the students staying in congested classrooms or hostels.

Over 400 mouth covers have been distributed to the students and teachers as a precaution and prevention measure.

The school has total of 500 students and 27 teachers. It is located 18kms away from Punakha hospital.

Tashi Deki 

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